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Jan 6, 2012 11:00 AM

Whole kosher lamb

Does anyone know how i can get a whole kosher lamb. I've heard from at least one kosher butcher shop that only the hindquarters of the lamb are kosher but after a little more research i learned this isn't necessarily true, it's just easier. Any thoughts?

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  1. You are correct the whole animal can be used but requires the sciatica nerve to be removed from the hindquarter to be kosher. In the US there is so much kosher meat that needs to be processed typically the packing houses do not take the extra time to remove this nerve so only the forequarter of the animal is used. This is true of cows, lambs, deer and any other kosher animal. The hind quarter is typically sold to a non-kosher meat packer. You might check with Romanian Kosher Sausage Company to see if they can obtain a whole kosher lamb You might also check with CRC( and see if there is local Shochet (someone trained in the ritual slaughter method) who would be able to butcher and prepare a whole lamb for you.

    Other than that I do not think you will be able to get a whole kosher lamb in the Chicago area.

    Just an FYI in smaller countries like Israel you are able to buy the whole animal since the demand is not as great for kosher meat and the time can be spent to remove the nerve.

    Romanian Kosher Sausage
    7200 N Clark St, Chicago, IL, Chicago, IL 60626

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      Your statement of "This is true of cows, lambs, deer and any other kosher animal" is simply not correct in the fact that the hind quarter of deer (a/k/a venison) does not need the nerve removed. This is for any kosher mammal that was called a "Chaya" or "undomesticated" animal.

      For further reading, check out both:

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        Thanks - I just assumed the rule applied - always nice to learn something new

    2. I think you mean the hindquarters AREN'T kosher. The front part is usually sold and the hindquarters need to be specially prepared but in most cases aren't. So you'll see a lot of whole foresaddles available but I don't recall whole lamb being sold anywhere.

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        That's right, i mixed up the quarters. Thanks.

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          Remember the Hebrew National commercial - :No ifs and or BUTTS'