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Jan 6, 2012 09:49 AM

Long Weekend i Vancouver--Looking To Try Something New (New to Us, that is)

We've already been to Vij's, Tojo's Rangoli's, CinCin, Blue Water Cafe, Guu with Garlic, Kingyo, Kirin, Ashiana, and Annapurna, not to mention a bunch of places that no longer exist. and a few whose names I can't remember. Now we're looking to try something new, not necessarily to Vancouver, but new to us, preferably with something that we can't get in Seattle. Suggestions please! Any price range (would like a few high end suggestions), any ethnic. Thanks!

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  1. My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed a couple of Omakase meals at Miku over the last year or so, especially while seated at the sushi bar.

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      Miku looks great -- im gonna try it when i get back to van! thanks for the rec

    2. A few high end spots to consider...Bishop's, L'abbatoir, Chambar (Bishop's is intimate/quiet. The other 2 can get loud).

      1. I'll second the recommendation for L'Abbatoir.

        I'll also throw La Buca into the ring if you're in the mood for Italian, as well as my personal favourite Japanese spot Dan (go for omakase).

        1. "Now we're looking to try something new, not necessarily to Vancouver, but new to us, preferably with something that we can't get in Seattle."

          With all due respect to the replies above, I suspect all their suggestions are available in Seattle in some form.

          But hole-in-wall (well, some aren't) food court vendors serving dirt-cheap but authentic foods in Asian malls are probably something you guys have little of down in Emerald City:

          Head to Richmond City Centre and you can hit a half dozen of these Asian malls within a radius of maybe 2 miles. On weekends expect to see lots of WA-plated cars in the parking lot too !

          * Note: the only exception in the link above is the Crystal Mall food court (mentioned on page 2), which is located in Burnaby, a suburb just north of Richmond

          1. One place i really enjoy is called Keefer Bar. As good way to describe their food is Asian tapas. The place is an experience. It's modeled after a mid 20's Chinese apothecary. They source their ingredients from china town so every item has an authentic spin to it. As well if you like an inventive cocktail, they make their own bitters and syrups from ingredients found in Chinatown. The one drawback of this place is it is small. On Friday and Saturday night it can get quite packed. This place would be considered closer to high end. depends really on your bar bill and appetite.

            other wise as far as Chinatown goes try pnom penh on Georgia. The chicken wings and butter beer are an absolute must. I know it sounds weird but almost every table will order their chicken wings. They are some of the best I’ve ever had. Then there is the butter beef. it is hard to describe but essentially it is a whole rib eye pounded paper thin done in a style similar to Carpaccio. except the outer edges are seared and they’re is the delicious medley of unknown herbs, spices and sauce. The medley is dumped on top and sets this dish off. If you are looking for something new, this dish was unlike anything I’ve ever had and blew my mind away.

            Hope you enjoy your time in Vancouver!

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              Many thanks. Does Phnom Penh still have that delicious soup with the pineapple? I think I had that 20+ years ago.

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                This may only be the take-out version, so the eat-in version hopefully still has it: