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Jan 6, 2012 09:20 AM

Bob's Red Mill in bulk?

We are granola making fiends and use Bob's Red Mill oats. We usually buy 2 lb bags. I looked into buying the 25lb bags direct from uh, Bob, but shipping ain't cheap. Any idea if I can get big bags in the outer boroughs?

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  1. I'd also be into this if it existed...bumping this thread

    1. Are you interested because he has a gluten-free oat product? If you don't care about gluten-free you could look at Sahadi's for a large volume of oats.

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        Costco also sells very large containers of old fashioned Quaker at a cheap price. Jetco has specialty flours (if you can get in there) - didnt look for oats.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Amazon actually carries them as well. 4 2-lb. bags are around $13 when you do the Subscribe & Save option (remember to cancel it) -- that means you'd end up shelling out $39.69 for 24 lbs. Probably cheaper than the local stores.

          1. re: lambretta76

            That's a good point, thanks for the advice. I see also on Bob's Red Mill site that they even sell 24 lb size bags of some of the products. Maybe I could convince some friends to go in on 24 lb bags with me...

          2. re: jen kalb

            Sadly, I don't have a car or a Costco membership, but thanks anyway.

            What is Jetco? I tried the google and came up with a shipping service...

            I wonder if they have the 00 flour!

          3. re: Peter

            I'm not gluten free
            It's just that I like many of Bob's Red Mill products, like the muesli, and it would be really nice to be able to buy in bulk instead of in packages.

            Thanks for the suggestion--Do you know if Sahadi's bulk grains are organic?

          4. Lots of supermarkets carry items from Bob's Red Mill. Just off the top of my head, in Ridgewood (my neighborhood) Key Foods on Myrtle Ave, and Price Choice Foods on Fresh Pond Road.

            But the best prices are IMO when buying mail order. I like the website (apologies if this is forbidden) they are cheaper than retail, and shipping is 4.95 via UPS no matter how heavy your order is. If I order online in the morning, it gets shipped same-day, and delivered next-day (they are located in NY state).

            I'm sure there are other websites selling 'health food' that also have good prices, so feel free to compare. I have had good experiences with Netrition, especially because of their flat rate shipping. And they carry a lot of different items, including what appears to be the full line of Bob's Red Mill.

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              Hi, thanks for the info. I would prefer to find a retail store where I could buy in bulk, but I guess that's just not something Bob's does.

              Anyway it is certainly helpful to know about the low shipping cost on that site--sometimes there are things that you just have to order online, and it makes sense to do a one big order.