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Jan 6, 2012 09:11 AM

Where to eat around Sisters, OR?

Greetings, Pacific NW Chowhounders!

I'm from the Tucson area and will be visiting the Sisters, OR area this summer for a wedding, and I was looking for some ideas for where to eat.

I will have a car available. Ideally, I'm looking for restaurants serving items that I can't find in Tucson. I love Thai and Indian, if that's available. Since I'm on a rather limited budget, anything under $15 per meal is what I'm looking at.


Any and all input is greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance!

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  1. Hi,
    The best place to eat on a limited budget in Sisters OR, is ALI'S DELI. The locals know it as just ALI'S. Look for the TOWN SQUARE in the center of the old part of town, at 161 E. Cascades, which is the highway through town.
    The owner is an extremely friendly Russian woman, who is also a great cook. Her soups are the very best in town, and if you want something out of the ordinary, ask about their Borsht. For $15, you could just about eat there twice! That's because ALI's give huge servings for reasonable prices. I swear, their sandwiches have about a half pound of meat. Try it at least once while you are in Sisters, and you will probably be going back. Oh, she also bakes the best dinner rolls I have ever tasted. They are almost more like some kind of cake. In the summer, the owner stays open until about 8:00, and even though it is actually a deli, some people realize that it is also a great place to have dinner. By the way, it's also the cleanest restaurant in town.