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Jan 6, 2012 08:59 AM

Meatless in January. Help!

Ok, so I'm going meatless and boozless in Jan. and need any suggestions you fine folks may have. I'm fairly focused on ethinic as you can eat vegetarian with some actual flavor. I'm fairly familiar with most of the places mentioned here, but would love to hear about specific dishes that would fit the bill. Spice is Nice.

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  1. Meatless does that include seafood?

    There are several Indial restaurants that have Gujarati specials. Look for those as they are completely vegetarian.

    Choley Batura - Curried Garbanzos with Fried Naan

    Dal Makni - Black Lentils in a tomato suace

    Idli and Sambar - Sour Spicy Vegetable Soup with Steam Lentil Pancakes


    Veggie Samosas - Either filled with curried peas and carrots or curried potatoes

    Pakora - any vegetable you can think of battered in lentil flour and fried


    Channa masala - curried grabanzos

    Palak Paneer - Spinach and Cheese

    Paneer Butter Masala - Light tomatoe cream gravy with cheese

    Baingan Bartha - Eggplant in tomato and spices


    Banchan/Panchan this includes the following:

    Kimchi - Napa cabbage with red pepper and salt...Korean sauerkraut or other versions depending on season




    I will send some more

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      wow, what a start. yes, it includes a little bit of fish and some cheese. Good Veggie Burger spot and Falalfel Sanwich wih garlic sauce and hot sauce, maybee?

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        Sicne you also included fish....

        Banh Hoi (Tau Hu Ky) Chao Tom (Shrimp Paste on Sugar Cane with Fine Rice Vermicelli)
        Banh Beo Xot (Rice Flour Mini Pancakes with Ground Dried Shrimp)
        Banh Xeo (You will have to tell them to nix the grilled pork)
        Cho Gio Chay (Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls)
        Bun Tau Chay (Vegetarian Mung Bean Thread Noodles)
        There is a number of Seafood dishes....too many to list


        Best bet is to hit up Mesa on Jefferson or Seafood Shack on Webb Chapel and Forest

        Go for seafood tostadas on Mondays at Seafood Shack....they are awesome
        Mesa - enmoladas or the enfrijoladas (corn torillas smothered in either mole or refried black beans)
        Cileatole Verde con Bolitas - Vegetables and Hoja Santa soup with masa dumplings
        Any of the seafood dishes are great....the Chilpachole de Jaiba y Camaron is going to be more work to extract the meat out of the crab.

        I really like the ceviche at Inca's on Josey and 190 in Carrollton - all of them are good but my wife swears by the seabass
        Pescaso Sudado - Fish fillet in a spicy yellow pepper (aji amarillo) sauce
        Chupe de Camarones - Creamy Shrimp soup
        Escabeche de Pescado - Yellow Pepper and Vinegar sauce over fish with mixed sauteed vegetables

        You can get plenty of dishes with vegetables
        Sauteed Water Spinach with Garlic
        Chinese Broccoli and Chinese Mushrooms
        Special Fried Tofu (First Chinese BBQ
        )Ma Po Tofu (vegetarian - all sichuan places....make sure to say vegetarian or they will put pork)
        Stir Fried Egglant With Garlic (North China....I believe there are two versions)
        Royal Sichuan and North China both have a small plates appetizers that you could eat singularly for a meal....try out the bean thread noodles or the Edammame and greens
        I won't even get into the seafood dishes

        Papusas de loroco, frijoles negros, or queso
        Get a side of fried plantains
        The fried salvadoran tamale is a corn tamale (tamale de elote) with no meat
        There are several Salvadoran restaurants scattered throughout the metroplex....most tend to be in Irving, Carrollton/FB, and Garland

      2. Meatless AND boozless for a whole month? "You're a bigger man than me, Gunga Din"

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          Didn't say I'd make it...but what the heck. Most of my friends have set the over/under at 15 days. We'll see.

        2. My fave veg burger is at Elevation - the #2 vegan burger (it's better than the #1 vegetarian).

          1. Are you doing this to lose weight, unclog arteries, detox, what? Many vegetarian dishes can still be loaded with fat.

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            1. re: Barbara76137

              No, not to loose weight, although that wouldn't hurt. Just trying to get the body regulated a little bit. I'm trying to be vegetarian whilst eating health as those are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

              1. re: J.R.

                The best of luck, J.R. I know it isn't an easy thing to do.

            2. What area are you looking? Oh, and meatless shouldn't include seafood - if you're going to do it, might as well go all the way.

              Kalachandji's is an all vegetarian Indian buffet that has some great options that change daily, plus a nice salad bar for fresh veggies.

              VSPOT cafe on Henderson is an all vegan cafe that has many freshly prepared options without a lot of the "fake meat" stuff you might find at other places.

              Of course Fadi's is a great option if you like Mediterranean. There are several locations, but I like the Belt Line and Preston the best. They have a huge buffet with many fresh meatless salads, hummus, freshly prepared pita bread, and cooked veggies.

              Best Thai is a nice Thai option. They have a page of all vegan options (though the "meats" are heavy on the soy) - but they are all really good. The Crispy Soy Beef is very flavorful.

              What other kinds of options are you looking for?

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              1. re: DallasVegan

                Yes, no seafood either. 10 days and counting and not bad at all. Been going to Kalachandi's for a long time. Love that place. Fadi's is a staple as the one on Knox is close. I'l have to try VSPOT. How about Cosmic Cafe?

                Thanks to everyone for their suggestion. I definately have plenty to live on for the next 3 weeks or so. I cook alot, so it's not hard to eat Veggie/Vegan when you know what goes in it. I find the the Chick Pea is definately my friend.

                1. re: J.R.

                  You can also try Spiral Diner (vegan) in Oak Cliff. Easy to get there over the Houston Street viaduct to Zang and then off Beckley. I really like their portobello quesadilla with soy based vegan cheese. You'd never know it wasn't real cheese!