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Where can I buy Honeybell oranges in NJ?

January is Honeybell Orange time. You can get them by mail, but does anyone know a place in New Jersey
that sells them. They are juicy and delicious. If I have to resort to mail order any suggestions?

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  1. I've seen them from time to time in the supermarkets. Whole Foods will probably have them at some point.

    1. Sickles in Little Silver probably has them.

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        How about Delicious Orchards in Colt's Neck?

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          Confirmed. Sickles has them for $1.99 per pound.

        2. Just saw them today at Mccaffreys supermarket in west windsor near princeton.

          1. QVC always has them when they are in season. You will pay a shipping charge, but it may be worth it.

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              I've had the Honeybell's from QVC (a few years ago) and they were SO much better than the Honeybells I've bought locally in NJ ... a delicious treat.

            2. Honeybells are being offered on QVC right now!

              1. Whole Foods in Middletown had them today. $2.49 / lb. They're about two to a pound, so a buck and a quarter each. A lot cheaper than QVC.

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                  Aldi's had them for 1.89/lb. and the "Cuties" for 1.99/bag today.

                2. Some places are selling them under the name "tangelo". See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tangelo

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                    I saw at Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck today that they are selling both Honeybells from Florida and Minneola Tangelos from California. I believe that "Honeybell" and "Minneola Tangelo" are different names for the same Duncan grapefruit x Dancy tangerine hybrid (see http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ch072 ).

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                      That's what they told me at Whole Foods.

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                        I bought Minneolas twice this season, once at Trader Joe's and once at Whole Foods.
                        Both times juicy but not very sweet.

                        Eh experience not a wow.