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Jan 6, 2012 08:38 AM

2.5kg bags of Lindt couverture wafers are $15.75 at Sears Eaton Centre (ends today)

Dropped by the Lindt Boutique Shop inside Sears Eaton Centre (by the Starbucks) yesterday to see if they had any Ghirardelli LE peppermint bark left. Sadly, they did not.

BUT, everything in the store (save a few exceptions) is 50% off and included are the 2.5kg bags of couverture wafers. AND no tax (groceries or something) on them! Rings up to $15.75 per bag and breaks-down to $2.86/lb. White, dark, and milk available. I have 20kg of chocolate now and can make my own peppermint bark 'till the cows come home. How 'bout you?

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Sale ends today.

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  1. Great price, sorry I missed it!

    1. That's a GREAT price! I'm too lazy to head out again, now that I'm home. And yes, I love that Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark. I stocked up at the beginning of December when I was near the Lindt outlet in the west end.

      1. My boyfriend went over to Sears after work and grabbed the last back of dark chocolate for me. He said that there were two milk chocolate and one white chocolate bags left at that point. Thanks for posting such a great deal! I'm excited to do some baking and chocolate work.