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Jan 6, 2012 08:13 AM

Anything in Yuma?

We are going to spend a couple of days in Yuma, AZ and I'm wondering if there are any recommended restaurants for that area. We enjoy Mom & Pop places, a good hole in the wall and like most all kinds of food except Thai and sushi.

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  1. Yuma has some great Mexican food. Los Manjares de Pepe is family owned/operated place on 8th St a few blocks east of Ave B. It has been named one of the best restaurants in AZ. Most of the food is good though service gets harried at busy times. Also on 8th between A and B is El Zarape. It has a smaller menu and is less busy, but the food is usually good. With both of these places, daily specials can be a good deal. I would also recommend Mi Rancho (4th Ave at 27th) or Tacos Mi Rancho (4th Ave at 2nd) for the huge menus and generally excellent preparations. The best chips/salsa in town. Mi Rancho is large and has generally good and professional service.

    There are a lot of other decent Mexican restaurants, but these are my favorites. In addition, there is a thriving taco (and other food)) truck scene on 8th St, Ave B, and even in Foothills on Fortuna Rd. If you want a fuller discussion of Yuma food, you could check out my blogposts at mmm-yoso:

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      Thanks Ed. Your blogposts are a big help. I was beginning to think we were going to starve in Yuma ;-) Your writing is very descriptive and I could almost taste the various foods by looking at your photos. Thanks again!

    2. That is a great thread you added Ed! I haven't stopped to eat in Yuma for 20 years, think I will now! That chicken joint looks fantastic!

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        If you're heading to San Diego from Tucson, Yuma is a natural stop.