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Jan 6, 2012 08:07 AM

Julia Child's Kitchen Exhibit at Smithsonian

The bad news is that the Julia Child's Kitchen exhibit closes this week-end. The good news is that a larger exhibit for American food culture since the 1940's is planned for this summer.

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  1. For "Julia-philes" it will NOT be the same.... Just sayin'...

    1. aw man! That is just not cool. I mean, the museum of American History is my least favorite of the Smithsonians, but seeing her kitchen and whatnot was really cool for me! I knew that her counters were specially made for her height, but I didn't really comprehend how much difference two inches makes! I am 5'5" and I couldn't imagine using them!

      1. Reminds me of the time back in the 1960s when there was a fire at the WGBH studios in Boston, and for a while Julia broadcast her show from a kitchen set up in a temporary studio at Boston's Museum of Science. I belonged to the Science Explorers club there as a kid, and once they took us to watch her do a live broadcast. We were kept behind a glass wall - we could hear her on monitor speakers, and she could see but not hear us.

        1. One thing I found interesting about Julia's kitchen and her later shows is that they rolled in a portable stove top with butcher block into her kitchen so she and Jacques Pepin and others could do television production from her home kitchen.

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            Her introduction to "In Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs" explains the whole process. It's kind of interesting.

          2. When I was growing up, my mother hung her pot lids and bigger cooking utensils -- whisks, spatulas, etc. -- on a pegboard next to our wall oven. It never, ever occurred to me where she got that idea until I saw Julia's kitchen at the Smithsonian :)