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Jan 6, 2012 07:11 AM

Umami Burger comes to...Thousand Oaks!?!?

I just read that the Nate N Al's at The Lakes (2200 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks) closed on Monday is now to be replaced by Umami Burger!
For some reason the Nate N Al's there just never measured up and I found their corned beef to be tasteless. There was never a crowd there, maybe it was the location.
I'm looking forward to seeing if Umami survives this "restaurant death zone" of The Lakes.
ooops, I see that this news was already posted...

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  1. It wasn't the location that killed Nat N Al's, it was their food and service. Small portions, high prices, poor service and not high quality food. It's also tough to compete with Brent's, just a few miles away, even Roxy's subcombed. No surprises here, in fact, I'm surprised it lasted two years!

    Can't wait to try Umami Burger!!!

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      ITA with Les. Adjoining restaurants (Claim Jumper and P.F. Changs) are booming in this location. As a longtime, (albeit unwilling) resident of T.O. the area has been short of really good restaurants forever. But in the last few years, it has welcomed (as I have) secondary locations of Brent's Deli, Stan's Donuts and Cholada.

      As for Nate N Al's, I went there only once. Food was tasteless and overpriced and the waitress wouldn't leave me alone to read my book. HELLO?!?!? I'm alone, eating and reading a book. If you want a book review, go online.

    2. When, oh when will this overpriced, over-hyped, poseur of a chain collapse from the weight of it's own hubris?. Enquiring minds, you know.