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Jan 6, 2012 06:41 AM

Pumpkin Soup

So a very specific request but I'm meeting a friend for dinner and he's requested that we go somewhere that serves a good pumpkin soup - to be honest I'm at a loss as to where to find such a specific item, so where else to turn to my fellow CHers! Has anyone recently had an amazing pumpkin soup at a restaurant somewhere in the downtown core (east of Bathurst, west of Jarvis, south of Bloor to the lake is our desired area)? I'd appreciate the help! No particular type of food in mind, just the pumpkin soup request - I suppose something wintery is what he's looking for so the more options, the better!

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  1. i've often had pumpkin soup at thai restaurants..don't know if that helps?

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      Mengrai Thai in particular has pumpkin soup on their menu, though I've never had it.

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        I've had it a long time back; I think it was pretty good.

        1. re: Manybears

          I saw this on their menu, but couldn't tell if it was a regular item - has anyone been recently?

      2. One Love Vegetarian does a spicy pumpkin soup. Caribbean-style Bathurst just north of Bloor.

        1. Had the pumpkin soup at Young Thailand on King last night...was good!

          1. Linda serves a great pumpkin soup, from time to time. It was on the monthly menu last time I was there. It's not on the January menu, but maybe it can be made as a special order, if you call in advance.

            Linda Thai Cuisine
            11 Karl Fraser Road, Toronto, ON , CA

            1. Keriwa on Queen St W has been getting amazing reviews so far and just posted they have a pumpkin soup