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Jan 6, 2012 05:44 AM

Good Breakfast tacos WAY south.

Hounds, what would you folks rec. for good breakfast tacos south of Ben White? I moved to the the area of Slaughter & Manchaca recently, and I'm not really sure where good breakfast tacos are close by. I've been making the trek on the weekends to Taco Deli off Mopac & Spyglass, but I'm looking for something closer.

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  1. There's a good little shack on the corner of Stassney and Congress, I think it's the SE corner, called San Juanita. The barbacoa and egg, as well as the papas rancheros are really good. Also, the tacos at Brodie Park Market on Brodie and Davis are serviceable as well as the KC Donut place in the strip with Evangaline on Brodie.

    1. go a little further south. Manchaca dead ends into FM 1626. Mi Ranchito Taqueria. Yummy breakfast tacos. The pork tamales at Christmas was also wonderful.

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        Second Mi Ranchero! Good salsa bar with two versions of the (becoming ubiquitous) creamy green salsa and a delicious roasted tomato one. I'm not usually a bacon freak but their bacon is awesome...big meaty crunchy pieces. And I love that they offer sopes and huaraches in addition to typical tacos and chalupas and gorditas.

      2. Bil Millers serves smoked brisket tacos, at least. Just outside Southpark Meadows.

        HEB had really good (and big) barbacoa tacos in the morning. A little shy on the salsa, only one kind in packets but it's surprisingly good.

        Tres Amigos has been the closest restaurant to where I live (as the crow flies) for 15 years, but I have yet to dine there. Not sure if they serve breakfast or not <shrug>.

        Welcome to the hood.

        -sw (Texas Oaks)

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          Correction: The HEB tacos are now pre-made and are stocked in the rotisserie chicken warmers. And the barbacoa tacos ($1.59) aren't as big as the used to be. Other HEB's make them bigger. They also had potato and egg, egg and sausage. They also sell the warm barbacoa in bulk, which is what I opted for this morning - a better deal. And FWIW: Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage is $1 for a 16oz chub today. (at that HEB) Which is pretty darn cheap. Not expiring soon, either. It's not exactly a weekend destination breakfast.


        2. La Flor on 1st near Stassney is fantastic. Mi Ranchito on William Cannon & Pleasant Valley is (on a good day) the best carnitas in Austin. Ashely's Tacos on Manchaca and Stassney is slightly above mediocre, passable in a pinch. Arandas 2 is on Stassney, decent. El Pollo Rico on 1st and Stassney isn't terrible. Casa Garcia, La Posada, Maria's, Jalisco's, and Maudie's are all mediocre at best.

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            Thanks for all the suggestions, folks!