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Jan 6, 2012 12:35 AM

Tarte au chocolat in central London---anyone know a decent place?

I'm trying to find a desserts shop in central London which serves exquisite tarte au chocolat. Any suggestions?

Also, any other recommendations for sweets are appreciated :)

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  1. Deux Salons serves a delicious Paris Brest. Google Eric Lanlard. He's a very famous pastry chef in London. Maybe his tarts are what you're aiming for.

    1. Konditor and Cook used to do a gorgeous one with raspberries...not sure sure if they still do though, worth checking out..

      1. Well, a report on my progress so far:

        The one mentionable place is Paul Rhodes in Notting Hill.

        The tarte au chocolat's chocolate was superb, the tarte itself a bit too hard---it's possible it was in the display case for some time, or perhaps that's the batter they're using for tart crusts. So a positive review, though it could be better.

        They're flourless chocolate cake though is to die for...

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          So what were the unmentionable places? So I know where to avoid...

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            I'd avoid any of the chain 'french' bakeries such as Paul's, Pat Val, LPQ....not made in house, not fresh, not nice...

        2. Had a good choc tart at William Curley but that was a couple years ago at their late Mayfair outpost.

          The Artisans Foods stall in Borough Market sells a pretty good rendition as well.