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Jan 6, 2012 12:11 AM

What to order in Bouchon?

A few coworkers and I are going to have dinner at Bouchon in a few days. Can someone recommend what I should order there? I'm pretty adventurous and love to try something new, fresh and unique. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Pretty much everything at Bouchon is very good, and very traditional French bistro cuisine. If you're looking for adventurous and unique cuisine, you're going to the wrong place. I love Bouchon, but when I go there, I expect beautifully prepared, traditional bistro cuisine...oysters, trout, pates, etc. This is not a place for adventurous cuisine....indeed, it would be shocking and inappropriate for what it's supposed to be, if it were.

    1. Some people's idea of food adventure is very different from others. To some, skate wing in brown butter sauce would be adventurous. At Bouchon, it was a marvelous special one time as was a grilled octopus salad one night. I'd look to any seafood special because you are likely dealing with a preparation based on the purchase of an exceptionally good fresh product as was definitely the case with the skate wing. Yes, it is likely to be prepared as a variation on a classic bistro presentation, but I've found the seafood specials at Bouchon to be a likely source of a home run.

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        Please don't misunderstand me...I love Bouchon...and certainly every terrific meal antwhere is an adventure of sorts. Nevertheless, I would not use the words of the op...adventurous, new, describe the cuisine at Bouchon. Their offerings are generally wonderfully prepared traditional French bistro dishes. If I were set on having unique, new, adventurous food, I'd go elsewhere.

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          Yes, but it is funny how the world has changed. For many of us the food at Bouchon is much more foreign and adventurous, or at least uncommon, than say Pho, Pad Thai, Massaman curry, Oyakodonburi, tamales, chilequiles, icy yummy palapas, and so on. My two young boys wouldn't know a croque madame from a croque monsieur, yet, they can order a variety of sashimi and other Asian dishes without blinking an eye and know the difference between a green chile pork tamale and a red chile machaca one. And, their parents are neither Latin American or Asian.

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            You're right! New and/or adventurous are very much in the eye of the beholder. What is "old hat" to one person, may be very adventurous to another.

        1. I love eating the mussels and drinking champagne..
          The font on their menu is so small that you need your super hero glasses and a light..