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Jan 5, 2012 10:36 PM

Foreign Cinema brunch - no reservations?

I have a Google Offer deal for Foreign Cinema that I have to use in the next few days. I'd like to do brunch on Saturday (partly of 2), preferably patio seating, but they don't have a reservation available until 2:15pm. Do they take walk-ins for brunch? Would I need to arrive right when they open at 11:00am to avoid a long wait?

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  1. If you're judging availability by OpenTable, call them. Most restaurants don't release every table online.

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    1. re: Windy

      I did -- they gave me the same option (2:15pm)

    2. they do take walk-ins if they have tables free but if they are busy you will just wait and you are more likely to get one if you don't want to be in the courtyard. I say take the 2:15.

      1. I was able to make OT res. at Foreign Cinema for brunch on JAN 29 at 12:15 PM -- Sounds like there are no earlier availabilities left. Glad I booked in advance!

        1. Well, at least for brunch, I think I worried a bit more than warranted. I called to ask how long the wait would be for walk-ins, and the reservationist said anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour. I asked if arriving right when they opened would help, and she said that they usually had a line by then. So I arrived embarrassingly early, was the first in "line" for a little while. Around 15 minutes before the opening, a few more people arrived. We were all seated instantly in our pick of seats, and the restaurant was never full, even when I left at noon.

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          1. re: betterbeheaven

            So ... what did you have and how did you like it

            1. re: rworange

              I had the balsamic fried eggs with potato/garlic hash, prosciutto, and chicories. Not very good at describing food, which is why I didn't include a review, but I really enjoyed the dish. My boyfriend had the huckleberry pop tart and the croque madame. Pop tart was very, very good; flaky and sweet. The croque madame was good too, but extremely heavy. The entire sandwich is literally encased in bechamel. Did not think much of the fries that came with it.

              1. re: betterbeheaven

                i love that egg dish. thanks for reporting back!

          2. wow! thank you for bringing this to my attention! i had just assumed all offers were valid for a year after purchase....0

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            1. re: vulber

              actually im not sure i'll be able to use it by the time it expires on wed. Anyone want to buy it from me? Its $20 for $40 worth of food or drink...

              1. re: vulber

                It is a bummer when those deal expiration dates creep up upon you! If you can't find a buyer, according to the Google offer guidelines: "After redemption period, all vouchers may be refundable or redeemable for paid amount."