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Jan 5, 2012 08:58 PM

Japanese in Manasquan/Wall/Brick?

Looking for decent Japanese in this area. Really not looking for sushi, just the basic tempura/noodles/teriyaki for my unadventerous elderly parents. Thanks

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  1. Shogun Legends on Rt. 34, Wall. Just south of exit 98.

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      This seems to be the best thread for Shogun Legends so even though not on exact topic with the original poster here is what I have to add.

      I have been to Shogun several times for ala carte dining and it was always been very good in my opinion. While Japanese food is not my "thing" I have always found the food and sushi to be very good. I personally like the atmosphere and don't mind paying a little bit extra towards what is cost to create that atmosphere.

      Yesterday my wife was in the mood for hibachi and having been to our local place a few times in recent weeks (Sawa) we were trying to think of somewhere new to try and Shogun was where we decided. I have to tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed it........ In my opinion Sawa (both locations) is Monmouth County top choice for hibachi and now I would put Shogun right up there with it.

      As someone else pointed out you can probably find better prices elsewhere but all in all I don't find it to be too excessive for the quaility of the surroundings and food.

    2. I don't think I'd go with Shogun Legends if your parents are "unadventurous". First and foremost, the menu there is a bit higher priced than most Japanese restaurants, with many entrees being in the $24-38 range (have to pay for the $3.5m in renovations somehow). It doesn't sound like your parents are the type of people that lean towards expensive food. Plus, it's a Japanese fusion steakhouse, and I find that it leans more towards the fusion than the traditional. I mean, its good, but nothing fantastic and I find the service there to be mediocre at best...

      If it was me in your shoes I would go to Ikko in Brick. The prices are fair (most of the dishes are under $20), the food is quite good and the service is authentic and friendly. It's perfect for your parents with their conservative palate. It's traditional Japanese food cooked the way it's supposed to be.

      1. There is a Japanese restaurant on Rt. 71 in Manasquan...Asahi. I've been there but since I'm really not an expert on Japanese food, I can't really say if it was good Japanese or not. I did like my food.

        1. Thanks, all. I think Shogun is a bit too trendy for my parents. We have a coupon from that place on 71 in SLH, but my parents tell me it's been dozens of different places over the years (a bit scary in that respect!). I think we will give the place in Brick a try, as I can get all of the basic Japanese items there that I know they will like.

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            Let us know how you like it! I've had some good experiences there, but it's been a little while since my last visit.

          2. I'll recommend Yokohama on Brick Blvd. it's good and has been there quite a while.


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              This is definitely going to be quite vague, but what is the one on a main highway in brick (corner of a strip mall and I think a movie theater is in the same complex?) Yes this is a completely loaded question but maybe someone knows.

              I have been there once for work and it was definitely good. I had quite a bit of toro there as I was not buying LOL.

              Sorry, I am not from Brick so this is what I can remember. The hibachi was good too. I am not sure what the bill was but I did like the food there (for what that is worth and I eat quite a bit of japanese.)

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                I know exactly where you are talking's up the road from a Dunkin Donuts and a few stores away from that other place....that use to be something else but changed hands a few years ago!!!

                If it was in Brick it was probably route 70....and or Drum Point Road those are the main drag's in town.