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Jan 5, 2012 08:48 PM

Upscale in Grand Cayman

Going for 6 nights and need 6 dinner suggestions. One of the diners has a severe sesame and tree nut allergy so the restaurants have to have a knowledgeable chef and know their ingredients.
Steak houses are always a safe choice, but would like to try others. Indian, Chinese and buffets of any sort are out. I've been emailing chefs and checking menus.
Give me the top Italians.
And anything else you can recommend.
We've eaten at Le Bernardin several times and I know they can handle allergies. I'm sure the Ritz restaurants are able to work with allergies (having stayed at Ritz in Jamaica), but are Periwinkle and
7 Prime good?
Casa Havana gets good AAA rating but what do you folks think.

Give me a good list please.

This is our 5th time to the Caymans, but the last visit was pre hurricane so everything looks new (and built up)

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  1. If you came before Hurricane Ivan, you will find that half of the restaurants you went to are gone. The restaurant with the most buzz is now is Osetra Bay. it is upscale with excellent food and service, definitely worth going to if you like upscale dining. Camana Bay has 2 new restaurants run by "celebrity" chefs( it seems like every chef is a celebrity now) from Florida. They are Ortanique and Michael's. I liked Ortanique better than Michael's.

    If you like Italian, you should consider the following, ranked in order of my preference:
    La Dolce Vida, excellent food and friendly management
    Casanova, very romantic when you sit outside and a person plays the harp
    Luca, upscale, sometimes uneven service, also excellent brunch
    Raggazi, family atmosphere
    Ristorante Pappagollo, cute premises.

    Other places I like, are Morgan's Harbor, simple preparation of very fresh fish. Agua, good ceviche and other fish dishes, however not on the water.

    I would not bother going to steakhouses, although 7 Prime and Cooper Falls are good, you can getter a better steak in NYC. Also, 7 Prime is very expensive.

    Places I would not bother with are tourist traps like the Wharf, and Calypso Grill which has gone downhill over the years. Rolands Garden is an interesting place, but they will only serve you what they want, and do not care if your friend has allergies. No one i know went to Casa Havana, so I can't comment.

    Good luck.

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      Thanks Big George. Acutally Roland replied to an email and said they would take care of the food allergy. Still. I'm not sure about the concept. The reason steak houses are a good option is because of the food allergy issue. The simpler the preparation the less they can mess up.
      The Wharf was there years ago.Too bad it did not blow away with the hurricane. Those creepy tarpons still there? The Hyatt ran nice restaurants across the highway, too bad they are gone.
      The Westin food was mediocre. Never went to the Grand House. So since we are staying next door to the Ritz, which restaurant should be try? Periwinkle? 7 Prime? Not a big fan of Le Bernardin here in NYC. Last time the portions were so tiny, I was horrified (we brought guests)
      Still thinking of giving Bleu a try and Ripert a second chance as the food was delicious, just everything was the size of an amuse bouche.

      1. re: meinNYC

        As you surmised, Blue is much like Le Bernardin. Excellent food, but you have to get the tasting meal to not feel hungry. 7 Prime is a good steakhouse, but costly. You should give it a try given your location and your allergy concerns.. Service in all of the Ritz Carlton restaurants is excellent. Periwinkle is a more family friendly place.
        Rolands concept is that he gives what he wants to give you. The food is German influenced, not my favorite. Once was enough for me at Rolands. The strangest thing about the place is that supposedly you pay what you think the meal is worth. However, if you do not give him enough money, he is offended.
        Don't forget all of the restaurant charges are in Cayman Dollars, 25% more than USD.
        The saving grace is that there is no sales tax on the bill.


        1. re: BigGeorge

          Grand Old House is excellent, one of my family's favorites - they deal with allergies very well. My daughter has a tree nut allergy, and they took her back into the kitchen to choose her own desserts and toppings.

          1. re: timarland

            I haven't tried it yet but I've heard good things about Osetra. I just booked there for Valentines day.

    2. How far in advance do you think reservations need to be made? Days,weeks, now for end of February?