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Jan 5, 2012 08:32 PM

ISO Best Pasta Sauce commonly available in Toronto

Can't always whip up a pasta sauce due to time pressures - what is the best prepared pasta sauce available commonly in the GTA? Ideally someone will think of a brand many supermarlets carry but that tastes like home-made, with good garlic or basil overtones and not too much sugar, and at a reasonable price ....Does Costco carry any made for it ?

I know, asking the impossible!

Thanks in advance for your input!

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  1. I would say to look for Rao's...have heard very positive reviews about the new Loblaws Black label sauce as well but haven't tried it. If these aren't available I would go to the fresh food area and look for a store made 'homemade' sauce that every supermarket seems to sell.

    1. Village Grocer up in Markham makes an awesome Bolognaise Sauce!

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        1. Easton's in the market does a good basic sauce. $5 a jar?

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            Yes, they do, but it's not in the regular rotation, and their sauces are only available select days of the week.

          2. I rarely buy pasta sauce as I prefer to make my own from organic tomatoes. However Costco (Billy Bishop Way is where I went) right now has 3 jars of Newman's Own Pasta Sauce (All Natural, whatever that means) on sale for $2 off the regular $5.99 price, so $3.99 per for 3 645ml jars. You get 2 Marinara and 1 Sockarooni ('Peppers, Spice and the Whole Shebang' the label says). So at $1.33 a jar and in glass jars, not cans nonetheless, and all profits going to charity I was lured in.

            I tried the Sockarooni in a lasagne I made last night and it was absolutely delicious. I don't think this value can be beat anywhere right now.