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Jan 5, 2012 08:09 PM

Tassimo rocks

I got a tassimo brewer to christmas as a gift and so far I love it. So far I think I have saved $10 in one week of use. I used to go to chevron gas station 5 time a week and buy a $1,89 coffee every day, now I buy a $5.99 16 pod pack of coffee so the saving are huge. Tassimo coffee selection is great with lots of top coffee maker around the world making pods. Now i know for some of you die hard coffee maker, fancy $500 brewers this machine may not be for you, but for the average drinker it's a great addition to your kitchen appliances. :)

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  1. Hey, ukjason:

    I'm not familiar with Tassimo per se, but an office I've been spending time in has a Keurig that I've come to like. After using it some, I now get the appeal. Fast, neat, consistent, no waste (except the pod packaging), vacuum-fresh and relatively inexpensive. If you don't require ritual, pulled shots, crema or frothing, they're really nice. Do you like it enough not to miss the counterspace it occupies? Hopefully your Tassimo lacks the tubercular blue LED glow of the Keurig.

    I hope you enjoy it for many years.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      "no waste (except the pod packaging), "
      The pod are recyclable when you tear of the cover and wash out the leftover coffee grinds and they're a service that will recycle it for you with free shipping.

      "Do you like it enough not to miss the counterspace it occupies?"

      Not at all in fact it take up less space than my old style coffee maker

      1. re: kaleokahu

        We have a Nespresso at home (plus a frother) so we get the crema every time (and you can buy fill-your-own pod cups for it also).

        1. re: ferret

          Hi, ferret:

          Those look nice.


      2. I love coffee and I don't think I'm a terrible coffee snob but I just have never found one of these pod machines that makes coffee that I enjoy. I'm jealous. I think they are really easy but somehow I just never like the joe. I guess that I like my coffee to have longer contact with the water.

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        1. re: olympia

          It has its own problems. For example, one of the Tassimo drinks which I like but wish to be better is the Twinings Chai Latte. It uses sucralose instead of sugar. That was a disappointment. There are other things which I wish as well. One of its appeal is that you can easily make different kinds of drink one after another. You can make a Chai Latte for your friend and than a cappuccino for yourself.

            1. re: olympia

              I hate sucralose too. For example, I could never enjoy diet Coke or diet Pepsi. However, and surprisingly, I didn't too mind for this Latte Tea. I think the reason is that the Latte tea spice favor is so strong that it mostly covers the sucralose taste. It is just a guess. Still, I can taste a little bit of that, and I really wish they did not do it.

              I mean, the argument of "dieting" this latte tea is weaker than that for the diet coke. By substituting sugar with sucralose, you can really cut down the calories for Coke. Not so for this Latte Tea, since much of the calories come from the dairy milk anyway...

              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                Just for the record, neither Diet Coke nor Diet Pepsi contain sucralose. They use aspartame.

                There is a special version of DC with Splenda (sucralose) but it's not widely distributed any more.

                1. re: acgold7

                  Thanks. I wonder if that is why I am more ok with the Chai Tea... maybe not.

                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    I used to be a die hard Tim Hortons junky, but since we got the kureg, I never go anymore, sucralose,aspartame I can't and won't drink that rat poison , good old sugar only.

                    1. re: Dave5440

                      Now, let me ask you a slightly different question. Would you mind high fructose corn syrup? Or do you want sucrose (like cane sugar)?

                      Just to be clear, I am not saying all Tassimo drinks have sucralose or aspartame -- almost all do not.

                      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                        I avoid the high fructose corn syrup too, I'm not sure on the cane sugar, I buy raw sugar for anything I make and I don't drink pop. When i've eaten anything with aspartame I get queasy and a headache , almost like flu symptoms , a one min chew on gum is all it takes. And I think I should add that we used to have a tassimo , and I really liked it too, but it never got hot enough for me and I always ended up microwaving a cup for another min, so my wife decided to give it away and try the kurig

                        1. re: Dave5440

                          But isn't raw sugar made from cane (as in cane sugar)? Or do you mean raw sugar as in not-bleached sugar, like raw yellow sugar vs white sugar:


                          I don't mind cane sugar vs high fructose corn syrup. They both taste ok to me. Aspartame does not make me sick, but it has this very funny taste which I dislike.

                          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                            I haven't been able to find real raw sugar up here for a while , the last suff I got was in Buffalo, what they sell up here as "raw" is probably just unbleached

                            1. re: Dave5440

                              Did not know this would turn in to the organic sugar show

        2. Hey Jason,

          Tassimo is pretty good. It does not have the same numbers of selection as Keurig, but Tassimo can perform a wider range of drinks. Most noticeably, it can serves you milk based drinks like latte. It also is most refined in term of how it brews coffee and tea than Keurig doess. It reads the bar code on your pods and brews accordingly.

          I also have a Borch Tassimo (shown on the extreme left side of the photo).

          Which version of Tassimo do you have?

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          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

            hey Chem
            I see you have the top of the line model.
            I have many other pod other than coffee, I like the latte, and cappuccino have not tryed the teas.
            The model I have is the T46 form costco for $98.

            1. re: ukjason

              Hey, yes, I have the top of the line, at least when I got it, it was the top line. How did you know? You are good.

              All of these models really do the same core jobs. Mine has a few more "unimportant" things. In short, your coffee tastes exactly like mine -- not one bit different.

              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                "Hey, yes, I have the top of the line, at least when I got it, it was the top line. How did you know? You are good."

                The LCD screen :) I did my research before I told my wife what to buy me.

                1. re: ukjason


                  I got my Tassimo machine for free. If I have to buy one, then I would most likely buy one of the lower lines because it is more cost effective. I think you missed the whole early launch. They used to have several Starbuck coffee favors and Seattle Best's coffee, but I guess the agreement fell through later. Now, Starbuck is with Keurig:


                  That is ok. I like Starbuck coffee for Tassimo, but I feel Gevalia coffee on Tassimo is not any worse. Mind you, I am not coffee expert.

                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    We got a Tassimo as a "rebate" when we bought a new Bosch dishwasher. I'm having a hard time finding coffee that I like. I don't like the Gevalia at all, at least not the ones I tried. I kind of liked the Starbucks, but haven't found any for a long time. I guess because theyw ent to keureg. And the Maxwell house tastes bleh. The stores that carry the discs for Tassimo for are becoming less and less. The Meijer I shop at used to have a large selection for the Tassimo but now has hardly any. And Bed Bath and Beyond which used to have a whole wall for Tassimo has been taken over by Keureg. Any suggestions for finding a better selection of discs for Tassimo? I posted this on the Great Lakes board several weeks ago but no one has replied.

                    1. re: Rheta

                      Yes, you are correct. The selection is not as large as Keureg. The store selection is even smaller. I am not a big coffee drinker, but I used buy mine from Bed Bath and Beyond, and on eBay. However, I think Tassimo online store is a very reasonable choice. You get to choose everything they offer. It is free shipping for over $30, and the prices are just the same as those from the store.


                      1. re: Rheta

                        Wait, you got a Tassimo as a rebate on a Bosch dishwasher? I've got a Bosch on order, and nobody mentioned a Tassimo. Phooey. I wouldn't mind having one, but since I don't need it, I won't buy.

                        1. re: sueatmo

                          This was over a year ago. I'm sure it was a promotional thing. I would never buy a Tassimo. Its a $200 machine. But since it was offered as the "rebate" than why not! Wish I could find the discs easier in a coffee I really like. I'll check out as suggested by Chemicalkinetics. Thanks ChemK!

            2. We bought a Tassimo for my husband for Christmas as well and we love it! The thing we especially like about it versus the Keurig is that you can make so many different kinds of drinks. It makes great cappucino, chai latte, and latte macchiato, not mention a very decent cup of regular coffee or espresso. My husband is a bit of a coffee snob. We have a very good coffee maker and he buys very good quality coffee and brews himself a pot every morning. This is just a nice addition to the "arsenal". Yes, it's a bit of a "toy" but the novelty hasn't worn off yet. Last weekend we had a big family gathering and we had a lot of fun taking orders for coffee and tea and hot chocolate drinks. We're a big group and it was quite funny to observe as everyone milled around the kitchen after dinner talking and patiently waiting for their "order" to come up. The cost was quite reasonable too I thought. We bought it before Christmas on sale at Kohl's for $129 if I remember correctly.

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              1. re: schmoopy

                "The thing we especially like about it versus the Keurig is that you can make so many different kinds of drinks"

                Agree. I like Tassimo for that reasons. There are less Tassimo options for coffee or tea, but there are more options in term of the type of drinks like latte, cappuccino, foam, not foam...etc.