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Jan 5, 2012 07:37 PM

Northern Chinese Layered Bread

A wonderful chinese restaurant in Seattle with an incredible name - Jack's Tapas Cafe (Mainly Chinese) - used to serve a slightly crispy on the outside, rather pliable on the inside, somewhat heavy/rich/oily, Sesame and Scallion Layered Bread. Where might we might something similar in NOVA/DC?

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  1. If you're describing what I think you are, the bread is called Chung Yao Bing, though often on menus it's termed Scallion Pancake. I've seen it with and without sesame seeds, and typically it's cut in wedges and dipped in a soy sauce. Is that what you mean? If so, it isn't common, but I've seen it as an appetizer on a few Chinese menus.

    1. A & J in Annandale has soemthing called Zhua Bing, Thousand Layered Bread. They also have scallion pancakes.

      1. Is this what you're talking about?

        Sesame and Scallion Layered Bread: If you took a regular scallion pancake and inflated it to monstrous size, you'd get this focaccia-like bread, crisp and studded on the outside with sesame seeds. (

        1. I agree with Steve and ahack. You are talking about the thick multi layer bread with sesame on the surface.

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            The dish that "Steve" mentioned is not the same as Sesame Scallion Bread (芝麻葱油大餅) that "ahack" linked to which is part of Chinese Islamic cuisine 清真菜. which is associated with Beijing and the North western provinces.

          2. Have you been to any of the supermarkets like Great Wall or Lotte?