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Jan 5, 2012 06:51 PM


I am considering ordering some Wolferman's English Muffins. Any comments on taste, quality, delivery, etc? Will the larger ones(1/2) fit in a standard toaster?

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  1. Too puffy, too doughy, too fat. Thomas's is much better.

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      Bay's are the best I've had by far. Thomas' doesn't come close. And agree Wolferman's suck.

    2. Boy do I have a comment about Wolferman's and am so glad you asked. On December 18 I phoned in a very large order to be delivered to my son's house, where we were all about to gather for Christmas. One-third of the order was delivered on December 23. The rest of the order was delivered on December 30 after we had all gone home. Meanwhile Wolferman's Customer Service did not respond to either phone or email inquiry, many-many times. Of the muffins I actually met up with, I was not impressed with taste or quality. The Orange Cranberry had no noticeable flavor of orange and cranberries were rare. The Cinnamon Chip wasn't cinnamony. The Blueberry, wasn't. Etc. I would much prefer to eat Thomas's muffins, Wolferman's service was awful, and I will never order from them again.

      1. Was able to pick up a single sleeve at local Harry and David store. Not overly impressed. I too prefer good old Thomas's over these. Just too much bread.

        1. I received a large gift box of Wolferman's from my mother--I think she wasted some big buckage. Jams were just okay, muffins were bland, too bready, not easily crisped. I ended up tossing some of the stuff.

          1. The English muffins have a fine, uniformly bready interior (crumb), so there are not many holes and nooks for butter and jam to gather in. I prefer Thomas or Bay's.

            The larger ones barely fit in my toaster, but they can be made to work.

            And about delivery: I got these as a gift recently, and I noticed that my father had ordered them Dec. 11. They did not arrive until Dec. 21 or 22, at which point I'd left town. So they sat out for ten days, and much was stale by the time I got to them. Not catastrophic for items to be toasted anyway, but not ideal. There was a tea cake in there that remains very tasty. The jams are fine. But I suspect that this purveyor is more hype than value.

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              I had the same problem last year with delivery. I had sent some to a few friends and I think you could request a date of delivery. On three of them they were not delivered on time so I had to call them, as I knew all three were going out of town, and tell them to have someone watch for the package. When I complained they offered me a $25 discount on my next thanks there won't be a next purchase!