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I am considering ordering some Wolferman's English Muffins. Any comments on taste, quality, delivery, etc? Will the larger ones(1/2) fit in a standard toaster?

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  1. Too puffy, too doughy, too fat. Thomas's is much better.

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      Bay's are the best I've had by far. Thomas' doesn't come close. And agree Wolferman's suck.

    2. Boy do I have a comment about Wolferman's and am so glad you asked. On December 18 I phoned in a very large order to be delivered to my son's house, where we were all about to gather for Christmas. One-third of the order was delivered on December 23. The rest of the order was delivered on December 30 after we had all gone home. Meanwhile Wolferman's Customer Service did not respond to either phone or email inquiry, many-many times. Of the muffins I actually met up with, I was not impressed with taste or quality. The Orange Cranberry had no noticeable flavor of orange and cranberries were rare. The Cinnamon Chip wasn't cinnamony. The Blueberry, wasn't. Etc. I would much prefer to eat Thomas's muffins, Wolferman's service was awful, and I will never order from them again.

      1. Was able to pick up a single sleeve at local Harry and David store. Not overly impressed. I too prefer good old Thomas's over these. Just too much bread.

        1. I received a large gift box of Wolferman's from my mother--I think she wasted some big buckage. Jams were just okay, muffins were bland, too bready, not easily crisped. I ended up tossing some of the stuff.

          1. The English muffins have a fine, uniformly bready interior (crumb), so there are not many holes and nooks for butter and jam to gather in. I prefer Thomas or Bay's.

            The larger ones barely fit in my toaster, but they can be made to work.

            And about delivery: I got these as a gift recently, and I noticed that my father had ordered them Dec. 11. They did not arrive until Dec. 21 or 22, at which point I'd left town. So they sat out for ten days, and much was stale by the time I got to them. Not catastrophic for items to be toasted anyway, but not ideal. There was a tea cake in there that remains very tasty. The jams are fine. But I suspect that this purveyor is more hype than value.

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              I had the same problem last year with delivery. I had sent some to a few friends and I think you could request a date of delivery. On three of them they were not delivered on time so I had to call them, as I knew all three were going out of town, and tell them to have someone watch for the package. When I complained they offered me a $25 discount on my next purchase....no thanks there won't be a next purchase!

            2. Very bready, very bland, more like thickly cut bread than English muffins--they don't get crunchy. Halves are far too large to fit in a toaster--you need a toaster oven--plus, depending on what kind they are, they may have "inclusions" that incinerate on the heating elements. I got them as a gift and gave them away to a friend with three teenagers who will eat about anything.

              1. We'd get a Wolferman's gift assortment from a good friend every Christmas. Mediocre at best. I just didn't get the hype. After 3 years I thanked the friend and asked him to save his money. We're still good friends and my freezer is not full of lousy muffins and english muffins.

                1. Another consideration if you're health conscious is that some of the varieties still include partially hydrogentated oil. You can go to their website ("nutritional information" via their site map) to see which are the offenders. If you're looking for a really satisfying English muffin, try Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain -- dense, chewy, a bit larger than Thomas's. I can't say I'm a fan of their other products, but their English muffins rock!

                  A side note on the p.h. oil issue: I was gifted some of Wolferman's sticky buns and blanched that the ingredients list included it. I emailed them just to scold that they were still using it, and they offered to send something else. I opted for scones, which I'm still waiting for, but I was impressed that they were that concerned with customer satisfaction.

                  1. I was curious about them until a co-worker brought some in. "Underwhelmed" doesn't cover it. I guarantee you couldn't pick them out in a blind taste test of Thomas' or generic "english muffins." And when you look at the ingredient list, it's a big "WTF?" - looks no more "gourmet" than Thomas'. I don't get the appeal - another Harry & David disappointment.

                    Thomas' ingredients:




                    1. I was going to post about Wolferman's a couple of weeks ago, but then decided to hold my tongue and not be negative.

                      However, since you've asked:

                      I got a large gift order of Wolferman's a few years ago from a relative.
                      So incredibly bland and dry. Disgusting!
                      Thomas' english muffins are much better, if you like English muffins.

                      After I got the order, Wolferman's started sending me their catalogs, even though I'd never put in an order myself. I had to contact them three times to get the catalogs stopped.

                      Then out of the blue, after not having received any catalogs for several years, I got a new catalog from them a few weeks ago, just in time for the holidays, even though I hadn't ordered from them or received a new gift order.
                      Really annoying!

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                        OK, I get the message. No Wolfermans for me! Thanks for the input!

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                          RE: Catalogs. My ex moved out 22 years ago. I still receive catalogs in her name even though I have moved three times. After I am in the "box' taking a dirt nap I'll still receive Vermont Country catalogues!!! Go figure?

                        2. Well I'll be brave and say I acutally LIKE Wolferman's. I also like Bay's, especially the whole grain. Last year I ordered some (I usually receive them as a gift). There was a big problem with the delivery and order fulfillment. This year I received as a gift again- the person who sent them to me had several orders placed with them since October. None were delivered before Christmas and most not until 2012! Their customer service department is non-existent! It was a huge mess. I don't see how they stay in business, for a company that exists mainly on mail-orders. There are a lot of other businesses out there that would like to sell you their product!