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Jan 5, 2012 06:47 PM

vacuum sealed jar of foie gras

we brought a vacuum sealed jar of foie gras home this summer and it's been in the back of fridge. unfortunately the date's been wiped off the jar. i feel like it should last a long time since it's sealed, just want to make sure others agree that it's probably ok to eat still!

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  1. I would eat it.

    Some might disagree but I am a strong advocate of the "trsut your nose and eyes" approach. Open it up, give it a sniff. If all looks right, try a small bit in the morning. If you're okay by evening, tuck in.

    Highly unscientific admittedly but I can honestly say that it would be my approach.

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      Great procedure Ernie, that is the way to go.

    2. Not sure what kind you bought but I also picked up a vacuum sealed jar of foie gras in October. In the store, the jar was on a shelf with all the cans and things so it clearly doesn't need refrigeration. Like you, I stored it in my fridge anyway - we ate it a couple of weeks ago and it was perfect. I'm not generally too worried about "expiration" dates on commercially canned foods. Most canned items will be safe to eat for a very long time past the date, although the quality may have slowly degraded over time. You bought the jar last summer? Heavens - it's still practically quacking.

      1. Depends if it's fully-cooked (which is shelf-stable for several years without refrigeration and supposedly improves with age) or if it's mi-cuit (which should be refrigerated and eaten within 6 months or so). What information is there on the label that hasn't been wiped off?

        1. Hi Everyone, thanks for the help. My husband was finally able to faintly make out that it's good until 2013. We're still eating it tomorrow though :)

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            Excellent idea! They'll make moreā€¦

            1. re: DeppityDawg

              Bon appetit, hamiltonheights, let us know how it was.