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Jan 5, 2012 06:22 PM

Charpop - Calgary

Have other Chowhounders heard about Charpop? Calgary's first pop up restaurant. The mystery is killing me!! I want to go, but scared because they are releasing very little specifics. Any inside info out there, Chowfriends?

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  1. This link appears to provide the details -

    Wish I was back in Calgary, could be fun.

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    1. re: vanderb

      Thanks I read that. I was looking for info that might not be in the press release. Secret tid bits! I'm really curious where it will be. I guess I will have to be patient.

    2. I'm always interested in hearing about and trying new restaurants in Calgary but the exclusivity and mystery behind this one seems really pretentious to me. There hasn't even been any info about what kind of FOOD will be served... isn't that why we go to restaurants to eat? I don't know... it just seems strange to me.

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      1. re: cellophane_star

        the write up said '...from foie gras and sausage to beef tongue and brioche'. So I guess it gives you some idea. I am also making assumptions on the food based on the chefs' typical style . But I fear the unknown and being dissapointed. The whole concept is very strange really but it is peaking my interest for some reason.

        1. re: TSAW

          Sounds like it's probably going to be Charcut 2.0 really.
          No mention of a price either (that I noticed)...

          1. re: TSAW

            Piqued my interest too.

            But I won't be going to Charcut Junior.

            The concept sort of reminds me of an auction, here today, frenzied bidding, gone tomorrow.

        2. It's interesting watching trends make their way to Calgary. Food trucks I understand and with the mild winter we've had so far they seem to be doing alright. Pop up restaurants? Meh... sorry, that one never resonated with me. Is it more about the event itself than the food? What if I like the food? Are they trying to promote the big restaurant by the buzz of the pop up? I'll pass, although I'm sure they'll have no problem filling seats.

          1. I think it's a great idea. It's something new and different and more of an experience than just dining out. The mystery of it all is half the fun.
            I love Charcut and I love Aviv's stuff so I have no doubt that whatever menu they come up with will be stellar.

            1. I e-mailed in to get a reservation, as I thought it sounds like a great idea. I don't care what's on the menu, I go to eat good food, regardless what it is, and to be treated by talented chefs.

              The pop-up restaurant seems like a different idea, but hey, it's giving me a reason/excuse to get out with my wife and some good friends of ours, which it seems in these days are few and far between.

              I'll be sure to post how it is.

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              1. re: NumberFive

                Did you get a reservation? I requested one, 3 minutes after the window opened and didn't get in. Not terribly interested in being on a 'wait list'. Hopefully you're in. I would love to hear about it.

                1. re: TSAW

                  Don't appear to have got one either, as I also have no e-mail in my box. Somebody else will have to give us their thoughts on it if they got in.

                  1. re: NumberFive

                    I managed to get a reservation. However I specifically requested an early seating and they gave me 9:30pm so I won't be able to attend. Hopefully someone else can update us!

                  2. re: TSAW

                    I managed to get a reservation but am a little concerned as the "secret" website that is supposed to list details on location, menu, etc. still just says "COMING SOON" and our reservation is only 4 days away!

                    1. re: sidepockets

                      The location has been posted on the "secret" website today. Also, they called this afternoon to confirm my reservation.