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Jan 5, 2012 04:56 PM

Hot Springs

6 of the women in my family are having a girl's trip to Hot Springs soon. I want to take them for a truly nice dinner one night as it's been a hard year for us. We range in age from 80 to 20. What places are really good now?

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  1. Chef Paul's has fine dining. Go to Doe's for good steaks and seafood.

    Chef Paul's @ 4330 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 501 - 520 - 4187.
    Doe's Eat Place @ 4904 Central Avenue # B Hot Springs, AR 501 - 525 - 8585.

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        Not sure about Doe's as a nice restaurant for such a group. How about Central Park?

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          Chef Paul's closed a few years ago and was never really all that great, mostly due to spotty service. There isn't really "fine dining" in Hot Springs these days, but Central Park Fusion is fairly nice.

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            We're going in a couple of weeks and I will definitely put it on the list! Thank you.

        2. As I was one voice in six, we didn't eat at any of the suggested restaurants. We did eat very well, though!
          For lunch the first day, we ate at Rolando's on Central. It was pouring rain outside and it was well past lunchtime, but we were welcomed with open arms. I was really skeptical when I went in, but was so very pleasantly surprised by the food. I had the handmade chicken tamales, appetizer portion (they are made at their restaurant in Ft. Smith). They were so light but packed with flavor - some of the best tamales I've ever had.
          Dinner was at Luna Bella out by the lake. It's located in the back section of a nondescript little shopping center. It was a weeknight around 8 and they were almost full. Three of us had the veal piccata and it was a very acceptable veal piccata. I would order it again.
          Lunch next day was a beer and a bag of chips at the horse races.
          Dinner that night was at the Bleu Monkey (we were tired and it was late). Packed with several large parties, but we didn't have too long of a wait. Again, I was very skeptical about the place. It looked like a chain, but the person who recommended it said it was not. I had the tamale cakes which were packed with corn and drizzled with 3 different sauces/salsas. My only complaint (and this is being picky because they were really good) is that one of the three was not cooked through in the middle. My daughter had the jambalaya and it looked so light and appealing. She said it was different from other jambalaya dishes she's had, but was still very good.