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Jan 5, 2012 04:13 PM

Suggestions for authentic Chinese restaurant within driving distance of Fort Worth?

I've moved to fort worth for almost 2 years now and still haven't found an authentic Chinese restaurant in fort worth. I've tried King Chinese BBQ in Arlington. It's really good, but mostly Cantonese style with very few spicy dishes. I enjoy Sichuan/Hunan style spicy chinese food, or authentic northern, shanghainese style food. When I lived in Plano, I liked Sichuanese and First BBQ a lot, but nowadays an hour and a half is a bit of a long drive. Most of the posts here seem to recommend restaurants in Richardson-Plano area. Do any Chinese food lovers here know of authentic Chinese restaurants near Fort Worth-Arlington area?

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  1. There is a First Chinese BBQ in Arlington if that helps

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    1. re: BellaDonna

      Excellent suggestion. I totally forgot about their Arlington store.

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        Thanks for the suggestion, yall~! The Arlington first Chinese BBQ doesn't seem to be under the same chain as the Austin and Plano locations any more. The fort worth first Chinese BBQ is also unrelated to the Plano restaurant and it's not good. And i read on yelp the arlington one is similar to kings but not as good. Have you tried the place recently? Mind elaborating a bit on what you think of first BBQ? Thanks~!

      2. There is a First Chinese BBQ in Haltom City. I do not know of "authentic" Chinese restaurants in Fort Worth other than First Chinese...we drive to Arlington or Plano.

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          Where do you go in Arlington? Lol you mean from Fort Worth to Plano? Maybe I just needa get used to driving the distance huh~ lol~

          Btw, I tried out the First BBQ in Arlington today. It was really good~! I like it more than King's, probably because it seems cleaner, and everyone who ate there or bought takeouts (during the hour or so when we were dining) were cantonese. That's quite a good sign in my opinion~ We had BBQ pork, roasted duck, and stewed beef hotpot. All were really delicious!

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            I tried to find information about this location some time ago, having read it existed on CH, and it seemed to have closed. If anyone has been there recently, please say so ... and an address would be nice :)

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              I asked the waitress at the Arlington First BBQ, and she said it's operated by the same owner of the Fort Worth location. I forgot to ask her if they are under the same owner as Plano and Austin, but on their restaurant wall, there are photos of all the Dallas locations on there. The Fort Worth location was not so authentic the one time I tried it. But Arlington was superb lol~!

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                This is the location for First Chinese BBQ in Haltom City. It is in the strip mall beside a big Vietnamese Oriental store. I do not know who owns it, but the food is about the same as the one in Arlington.

                5310 East Belknap
                Suite H & I
                Haltom City, TX 76117

                It is CASH ONLY.

                1. re: atanr

                  Thank you! I will check it out.

            2. First Chinese BBQ's website lists only two locations now. Richardson (my favorite) and, Austin (my son's favorite). Btw, FCBBQ in Austin accepts credit cards. Richardson is cash only.

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              1. re: twinwillow

                Interesting that Plano, Farmers branch etc are not listed. The menu is exactly the same and they used to be listed. I will have to ask next time I stop by.

                1. re: irodguy

                  It's very possible the family has sold those branches. I'll ask next Thursday when I'm there (Richardson) with my regular Thursday lunch group.

                  1. re: twinwillow

                    Yea with the same menu and all, I would expect the quality of food to be about the same too lol~ I suppose I'll give the Fort Worth location another try some time later this week~

              2. Are you chasing the spice or specific Chinese dishes? There are plenty of Thai and Laotian restaurants in North Fort Worth that can substitute for your "spicy" Asian cravings.

                If it is Chinese you are after then Arlington is going to be your best bet. I have seen no Chinese restaurants in Arlington that specializes in the spicer side of Chinese, Sichuan and Hunan. You can get some spicy Vietnamese dishes in Arlington.

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                1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                  What Thai/Laotian places in N FW do you recommend?

                  1. re: foiegras

                    Well here is three Laotian places that I need to get out and try:

                    I would more than likely hit up Sikhay 3301 NE 28th St, Fort Worth first

                    followed by Muang Lao Cuisine at 5111 N Beach Suite 180 Fort Worth

                    finally there is Bangkok Cuisine at 4613 Denton Hwy Ste 35, Haltom City

                    I have not yet had a chance to make it out ther but read reviews and would push for authentic dishes and seems like Sikhay is the most likely to stray from a menu.

                    Here are some good blogs to learn about some of the Lao dishes





                    A good book to read...maybe at the library?


                    Air and I enjoyed a meal at Thai Orchid and the owners are very nice....would talk to them about setting up an Issan dinner with enough time and a comittal from a small group 4-8 people. If you need help with dish recommendations let me know.

                    They do have the typical Thai dishes but they coudl also push the limits some....just call ahead of time and talk to the folks at Thai Orchid. I will get some more recommendations prolly out closer to the large temple (Wat) in Saginaw

                    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                      Thanks so much! I've been thinking there wasn't any good Asian food over here (well, I've had good Vietnamese in Arlington), but I just didn't know where to go. I will check these places out ...

                  2. re: LewisvilleHounder

                    LH, would also love some recommendations here in N. Fort Worth for Thai!

                    1. re: Barbara76137

                      I like Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine. This is in a strip mall area close to the North East Mall.

                      977 Melbourne Rd
                      Hurst, TX 76053


                    2. re: LewisvilleHounder

                      Well~~~~ If spicy Thai or Loatian is all I can get around here, I'll go for it lol~ What do you recommend?

                      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                        Off the top of my head I can immediately think of one good place where I went with LH and his wife in Haltom City - Thai Orchid.


                        There are some dishes there that I admit they do better than Bambu, particularly the Issan sausage. More stuff there that needs to be tried, but it's a big drive.

                      2. I like the Pacific House in Colleyvile on Highway 26.

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                        1. re: tomj

                          In the past, I've found PH's food to be heavy on the sauce and very salty (but I last ate there in mid 2010). Wonder if they've changed since then.