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Jan 5, 2012 03:41 PM

Hua Hin,Thailand - Any great meals besides great golf!

Would appreciate recommendations for memorable meals in Hua Hin. Can't live on golf alone, although my golf buddies can!. Will be there for 5 days.

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  1. Don't mean to leave you hanging. It's just in the couple of trips I've made to Hua Hin, we haven't found anything memorable.

    1. try supratra by the sea. the seafood was amongst the best of the places i've tried in thailand. the king prawn dish was soooo good that i wish i had it everyday when we were there (tried it the last day so couldn't repeat)

      let's sea is a hotel but also a restaurant. we had a bottle of champagne and a delicious snack for a good afternoon break.

      there is also a seafood restaurant by the pier (forgot the name) which is the only popular one in town really. there are always people waiting for tables. passable only, not that great, but could be an option when u get bored.

      inasia in sheraton was actually quite ok for food, but the service was not. they served everything we ordered within a time frame of 15sec. so much of the food was cold already when we ate it. food itself (if eaten warm) was actually not bad.

      also ate at the restaurant in the AKA hotel quite a few years back. the chef then was a chef of a royal family in europe so the food was quite authentic. but don't know about now.

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        Thanks for posting.Mixed review of Supratra by the Sea from Tripadvisor. However their menu seems interesting & will seriously consider.
        Seems dining in various resorts may be one consideration.

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          lol, i wouldn't worry about reviews on tripadvisor. i refer to tripadvisor a lot for hotel choices and help in the forum. and of course, very grateful for all the TAer's help. but at least for all the cities i've traveled to, seems like the restaurants lists on TA are basically useless. most who posted are probably seasoned traveler but not very into food, i must say. early years i've tried the top of the TA lists for a few cities and ALL were horrible choices, without fail. sorry to sound mean, but that's the truth.

          growing up in hong kong and frequenting japan, i can safely say i've had my share of the freshest and best cooked seafood. the only people i've met who had more seafood than me are those who run businesses relating to fishing or selling fish. even i was very impressed with the king prawns at supratra, no doubt, very expensive by local standards, 1000baht for a few prawns couple years back. but it was one of the best prawns i've had. those people who said "everything was deepfried.. blah blah blah..." (referring to 1 of the reviews in TA) obviously don't know what they are talking about. if you order deepfried, of course they would give you deepfried. i rarely order any seafood deepfried, as the original purpose of deepfrying it is to cover the fishyness if it's not fresh enough. i just would opt for something else if seafood is not fresh enough.

          as for supatra and let's sea, these are both very famous and very good restaurant. so good and so successful that they build a hotel to it. hua hin is one of the most famous place for seafood in thailand and many rich thai who live in bkk go there just for the seafood.

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            Enlightening! We, the golfing group,all, love deep fried seafood and chicken in restaurants. Only because we do not deep fried them at home.
            Deep fried prawns, squid and fish, when done to perfection is heavenly.
            Thanks for the tip re: Hua Hin a mecca for seafood in Thailand. Must have built a huge reputation to deserve the title.

      2. I like the food at sailom hotel. To me, it's like great quality home-cook Thai food. They didn't wow me at the moment but it has kept a lot of Thai families revisiting every so often. It's simple comfort food so I don't think it would have "wow" effect. Recommended dishes include (but not limited to) oyster omelette, namprick Pla too (Thai dip with fish-spicy), pineapple fried rice.

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          Great recommendation. May even consider staying at their hotel.