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Jan 5, 2012 03:31 PM


I am new to the vegan lifestyle and I am seeking advice. In the past, I have always cooked alot of food, portioned them out and used my food saver. Can I still do this with tofu? Any advice?

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  1. What do you mean by "food saver"? Vaccum bags? And if so, for fridge or freezer?

    Tofu covers a huge area. If it's uncooked, you can keep it for a few days after opening, but it's best to change the water once or twice daily.
    It will keep longer if cooked, but it kind of depends what you cook it with and how thoroughly you cook it.

    A lightly scrambled tofu dish (or a ground tofu dish such as shira ae: ) won't keep as well as a grilled or thoroughly fried dish such as this:

    And then there are other kinds of pre-fried or freeze dried tofu which have still different kinds of properties.

    If you tell us exactly what kind of tofu or tofu dish you have in mind you might get some more meaningful advice.

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      Thanks for your quick response! I own the food saver vaccum sealer. The meals will be stored in my chest freezer. As far as the recipes, most will either be chopped tofu is soups or baked tofu in other dishes. so far, all the recipes I want to make require extra firm or high protein tofu.

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        As others have said, freezing will change the texture of 'raw' tofu. For soups in the freezer you might like to try Kouya dofu (freeze dried - or make your own, as akq has suggested) or atsuage tofu (a pre fried kind) or start experimenting with your own cooked nuggets.
        I've never baked tofu and no recipe I've ever referred to calls for this technique, I can only imagine what sort of dishes you are seekIng to make.
        The rule of thumb advice I'll give is that if you cook tofu enough to change the texture, it will be fine in the freezer. If not, the freezer will change the texture for you.
        I wouldn't advocate silken tofu at all for the freezer unless you are experimenting with some kind of frozen dessert.
        Good luck!

    2. You should experiment. I freeze blocks of firm tofu in the water and defrost them to make "icy tofu" which has a totally different, spongy texture (it's so good in hot pot!). I am not sure if tofu will always do that when frozen after been drained and incorporated into a recipe.

      1. I cook with tofu all the time but have never tried to freeze it. I would think it would lose it's texture. But again, I'm no expert. I like my tofu fresh. Good luck!

        1. I don't know for sure, but I don't think it will work well for a tofu dish. I will change its texture.