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Staying on Waterfront Need a place to dine for nine

We're taking my husband's office to Boston and need a fun place to dine with good food and beer that preferably takes reservations . . . . We're staying at the waterfront and don't want to eat at touristy places with bad food or high prices. Ethnic is in . . .

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  1. Which waterfront, Boston Harbor Hotel and Marriott or Seaport area? Things are mostly $$ around there. And good beer and ethnic don't necessarily go together do they? Not far from the seaport would be Local 149 in So. Boston which has good beers and is well priced and casual. Blue Inc has some interesting food and drink, not sure about their beers.

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      Okay, yes, good beer and ethnic are not synonymous, but we would take both or either. Staying at the Intercontinental.

    2. Look up Trade, the new restaurant by Jody Adams.

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        Definitely Trade. Or maybe Hei La Moon in Chinatown.

      2. Papaguyo sounds like it might be what your looking for. Reasonable prices, ethnic (to a degree) and not touristy at all.

        283 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210

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              Good IS REALLY important. All of my husband's staff are discerning eaters, except for one who likes her meat well-done :0

          1. No beer really, but Pasta Beach under the Boston Harbor Hotel has amazingly authentic Italian food.

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              I don't find Pasta Beach anything great and they are overpriced. If I want good italian, I rather walk 5 minutes further and go to the North End.

            2. You should consider Sportello, which is a short walk from your hotel. Most of the seating is diner-style (i.e., counter stools) which probably isn't what you're looking for, but there are some tables and they should be able to seat a party of nine if you call far enough in advance. I'm not sure about beer, but the wine is very good, and you can grab a pre-dinner cocktail at Drink.

              1. Check out Les Zygomates in the "leather district" (I can't even say that without snickering)... Good beers, live jazz, great food. You could walk there from your hotel, cab might run $6.

                I've been for lunch at prime time with a group of 10 no problem

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                  I used to be a supporter of Les Zyg, but over the past 3 years I've found their food quality/value to both have taken a continual nose dive. Lower grade butter for the baguettes, salads smaller, entrees less tasty. They've cut back considerably on the jazz as well. Used to be every night with ensembles, but now mostly solo piano or funk.

                2. Look into the daily catch next to the court house. It is close to the hotel and on the water. Not too busy this time of year but still great. If the weather stays nice, you can bring your drinks outside and take in the view of the Boston harbor hotel.

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                    this branch of the Daily Catch has gotten consistently bad press here, including from a recent out of town visitor who went there instead of to the North End location. I've only been once and that was several years ago, but it was at lunch, I was about the only person there, and the service was downright terrible and the food not much better.

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                        The Daily Catch apparently has a new chef. I recently attended a rehearsal dinner there--somewhat apprehensively--but was very pleasantly surprised. Everything was very fresh, skillfully prepared, delivered with panache to suit the occasion--especially the squid ink pasta made in house, with seafood, which was memorable. Can't beat the view, either, weather permitting.

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                          the view is great, and I do love the squid ink pasta....I'd love to know if the same chef you had is htere all the time.

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                            Have since been corrected--chef is the same--whatever, the squid ink pasta is made in house and scrumptious.

                    1. What about the first floor of Legal Harborside? Great view, the food is good, they have a nice local beer selection and it's fun for a group. Their third floor roof deck is nice, but your menu options will be limited to snacks and sushi.

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                        If your looking for fun and ethnic I'd go for Temazcal on the waterfront with a group. The food is good (sometimes very good, sometimes only good), the bar is very good, the vibe is fun and mexican qualifies as ethnic.

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                          Temazacal doesn't take reservations and they have crazy long waits, at least they did soon after they opened. I think Trade is a good pick, although I haven't been yet, the recent Globe review as very good, but they said it was very loud. Sel de la Terre Long Wharf might work.

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                            No reservations and a bit of a scene for a work function ...

                          2. I like Blue Inc, which is Jason Santos' new-ish place across the surface artery on Broad Street in the financial district. They take reservations. I like most of the food. The one drawback would be if you are going on a weekend - it is a bit cramped inside and your party would likely be seated on the back wall - where it is really tight.

                            But the food is really fun, tasty and inventive and the mood is fun as well - lively without being too loud... I'd give the menu a look - http://www.blueincboston.com/menus/Bl...