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Jan 5, 2012 01:53 PM

Yummy food near Graceland

I am taking a group of individuals with various mental disabilityies to Graceland for a 3 day "vacation", we are staying at a hotel very near Graceland and we are trying to cut cost by not renting a car. I would like some reccomendations for some yummy food places that are within walking distance of Graceland. Any inpout would be helpful. Thanks so much! : )

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  1. I am sorry, but you have not planned well. You will not be in a good place to be without a car, and it is not a safe part of town to be walking about, especially with the group you describe. There are really no yummy places within walking distance of Graceland. I am a proud Memphian, but you need to know this. You would be better served to stay downtown without a car and take a taxi to Graceland. It is a one-day attraction. There is plenty to see and eat on foot downtown.

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      That is very, very true, but if cost is an issue then staying downtown would *not* be a wise option. I come to Memphis a minimum of once a month for three to four nights, and while I do stay downtown to take advantage of the food options there, it costs me a small fortune for a hotel.

      I have never eaten there so I am a little hesitant to recommend it, but there is a BBQ place nearby that might fit the bill perfectly. It is called Marlowe's, and from what I could tell from seeing them on the Food Network, it looked pretty good. And most importantly, they will pick you up from your hotel in a Pink Cadillac! That would be fun for any group of Elvis's fans!

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        I second Marlowe's. I also second staying downtown. Enjoy your visit.

    2. I'll third Marlowe's, but suggest staying east--around Mt. Moriah or Poplar Ave. area.

      You'll have to be careful anywhere in Memphis--sorry to say. It's not a walking kind of town.