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Jan 5, 2012 12:58 PM

Recommendations for tasty and fresh veggie pizza?

I'm looking for a not-too-heavy whole what crust topped with fresh veggies. Recommendations? (I am usually a pepperoni/sausage and mushroom pizza fan, but am trying the veg route for a while).

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  1. The BrunoVerde at Bruno's is pretty good, tho' doesn't exactly meet your specifications. Crust is not whole wheat and it's topped with a bunch of argula rather than assorted cut veg.

    1. Caffe Calabria has a great veggie pizza. Blue Ribbon in Encinitas and Urbn in North Park also do very good veggie pizzas. Not sure about the whole wheat crust at any of those places though. Offhand I can't recall any place other than CPK that explicitly advertises whole wheat crusts.

      1. Try a "Pizza Primavera" at Bronx Pizza (111 Washington St in Hillcrest). A true New York style pizza and a great value. Not too much whole wheat flour going on here, but still....

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          I have yet to understand what people like about Bronx Pizza - tried it a few times and found it very mediocre. I think it is similar to places like Hodad's - nothing special but somehow they positioned themselves as something unique.

          1. re: honkman

            Couldn't agree more. Totally overrated.

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            Thanks to those who have responded! I guess I am being picky about the whole wheat (or, better, whole grain) crust. It's just that I would like to find a delicious pizza that meets my new health regimen requirements. (Of course, that my mean just making my own--something I've never been good at)......

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              Best veggie Pizza I have had is at Wine Steals in Cardiff.
              I don't think they have a whole wheat crust option.
              ZPizza I think has it.
              Another option is to buy the Whole Wheat pizza dough at Trader Joes and make your own.

              1. re: millerowski

                I had a friend in college who went the "vegetarian" route for ethical and health reasons. He ended up gaining 25 pounds by eating vegetarian pizza.

            2. +1 on Z Pizza and Blue Ribbon. Both of them do good thin crust pizzas. Blue Ribbon has a really good olive oil, ricotta, fresh mozzarella, lemon zest, purple basil and red onion pizza.

              1. Zia Pizza in Normal Heights offers whole wheat crust and a lot of veggie options. They do really unique pizzas with a special spicy yogurt sauce that's really delicious.