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Jan 5, 2012 12:47 PM

First Maine Shrimp of the season

I got my first Maine shrimp of the season Tuesday at Harbor Fish in Portland. If I remember correctly, they had head on for $2.99, shell on but headless for $4.99 and peeled for $8.99. They were sweet and delicious.

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  1. I went early-ish this morning to Harbor Fish to get some head-on Maine shrimp, but the only local shrimp they had left was shelled & cooked. They said they would get more whole shrimp on Tuesday, and I think I overhead that they would get more headless this afternoon. I'll call ahead next time...

    1. I'm wondering what the prices are from the roadside shrimp trucks around the state. I haven't seen any yet in my area, but I'll report when I do.

      1. Just split a 5 gallon bucket (28 pounds) with a couple of my neighbors. Cost was $50. Fisherman is located in Rye, NH.

        1. I bought a pound of shelled shrimp in Bangor, Maine on Monday for 8 bucks. I hope it will drop a bit in the coming weeks; it was 6 bucks a pound last season. But I kind of don't care. I'll pay for it and eat it all myself.