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Jan 5, 2012 12:42 PM

Easy post-flight dinner between MIA and Boynton Beach

My wife and I are flying into MIA on Saturday evening to begin a vacation, and as we're unfortunately flying coach on American, we're likely to be exhausted and hungry by the time we pick up our rental car. Any ideas for a laid-back dinner convenient to our drive up to Boynton Beach (i.e. easily accessible off the highway to a non-local)? I'm worried about walking in just about anywhere at prime time on a Saturday night, so somewhere that's not likely to be crowded would be ideal. Any type of cuisine (American! Cuban! Thai! Sushi! Indian!) should be fine, and while price shouldn't be an issue, we'll be in gross post-flight mode and probably won't feel comfortable in anything too fancy. I would like something quiet and sit-down-y with decent food, and am afraid that if I don't get CH advice I'll end up at a Carraba's, which would be kind of depressing.

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  1. Well the obvious problem here is going to be... why would a good restaurant be not crowded on Saturday night. Especially January in FL.

    Probably have to be a "new undiscovered" find. Or some place that has some odditty/quirk (awful location, weird menu).

    I am stumped...

    You could poke around on OpenTable... find some places that look intruiging - and have openings... and then come back and ask, with more specifics.

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      "Well the obvious problem here is going to be... why would a good restaurant be not crowded on Saturday night. Especially January in FL."

      Yes, that's pretty much the gating issue; I think I may not have emphasized this enough. So, to be clear, I'm _not_ looking for anywhere destination-worthy, anywhere that would ordinarily have a line out the door on a Saturday night, etc. If there's somewhere that may be decent but not great, or off the highway and so not in a desirable location for Saturday night, or for whatever reason is just ordinarily quiet, that's pretty much the base requirement. Really just looking for somewhere comfortable and easy despite the time.

      I know I mentioned sit-down-y in my post, but disregarding that, by means of example from my own areas of Chowxpertise, if I were flying into San Francisco I'd say In-N-Out; for New Jersey or New York, a handful of diners or pizza places come to mind. Again, not looking for anything fancy or otherworldly, just simple, easy and good.

      Figure on us clearing the airport by 8pm or so, btw.

    2. What time will you be arriving so we have some idea of your timeline and where you will be at what time. Some places are easier to get into earlier and some later. It's a fairly long drive from Miami to Boynton.

      1. El Jefe Luchador in Deerfield Beach

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        1. re: tpigeon

          Now that looks promising! Any idea what street parking would be like on a Saturday night?

          1. re: cjd260

            Should be fine. They are in a strip mall with plenty of free parking.

          2. re: tpigeon

            El Jefe Luchador in Deerfield, based on CJD's updated "requirements" sounds ideal.

            CJD... search this board for that "El Jefe" and you see why.

            Or actually, since it's Friday and I'm in a particularly good mood, I'll save you the trouble :-)


          3. Just dropping back in to say that El Jefe Luchador was delicious, and perfect for our requirements. I'd just had Korean the night before, so didn't order the carnitas taco with hoisin salsa and kimchee, but fortunately my wife did, and the couple of bites of it I had were fan-freaking-tastic. Great recommendation. Thanks all.