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Jan 5, 2012 12:23 PM

We got Copper!

I'm just here to gush that after 6+ months of researching copper pots, my husband and I purchased a 5 piece set of Mauviel 2.5mm copper pots. On CLEARANCE at Sur La Table. We paid about half of what you would pay if you bought the pots individually!

We made steaks with a red wine reduction pan sauce last night. It was SO GOOD.

I'm in kitchen heaven!

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  1. $100 a piece? Copper lined cookware heats up really fast compared to my disk or clad SS cookware.

    Congrats on the nice find.

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    1. re: unprofessional_chef

      About $100 a piece, yes. It was $523.99. As soon as I saw the clearance price we rushed over to Sur la Table because we were planning on buying these anyways. We lucked out and were able to buy their display. And, since the display was tarnished, they threw in a bottle of copper cleaner for free :).

      Side note: if anyone is interested, some stores probably should still have it at that price. The only downside of buying the display is having to scrub off the stickers!

      1. re: melval

        I'm very envious of your find! I was at my local SLT today and was grieving over the fact that they no longer carry ANY copper cookware. Such a shame :(

      1. Hi, melval:

        Good for you. Congratulations.

        If you would, please post updates about your learning and other experiences with your new pans. Far too little is written by folks who have recently made the switch to copper, and unfortunately the absence reinforces the idea that copper is merely a shiny $$$ elitist option that makes little difference for real cooks. For example, after you have gotten used to them for a month or so, post on what you can do easier, better or that you feel you couldn't with your other cookware.

        Happy Cookiong,