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Jan 5, 2012 10:13 AM

Visiting DC/Fredericksburg Area

Hi all. Spending a few days in the area. Don't want anything fancy. Just some good old fashioned food. Anything from Hot Dogs, Pizza, sandwiches, fried chicken, for lunch, maybe a little bistro, BBQ or ethnic for a sit down dinner.

I'll mostly be in Fredericksburg, but plan on spending a full day around Arlington National Cemetary, The Mall, Marine's museum, etc. Don't mind taking a little drive to Georgetown, etc. if it's worth the haul.

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  1. Try the Lao menu at Bangkok Golden in Falls Church, VA. Kao piak sen (chicken noodle soup), kao nam (rice ball salad), and mieng muang luang (rice paste wrap) are all unique and super delicious. Beef jerky and grilled pork also fabulous. If you are willing to order off-menu, ask your server if they have any som pa (fermented fish), preferably raw -a la ceviche- but cooked is delicious too.

    A Chowhound exclusive!

    1. It's not humanly possible to see Arlington Cemetery, the Mall, Marine museum, and Georgetown, in one day. Unless all you're doing is driving through and not stopping. That's a week's worth of touring.

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      1. re: DanielK

        Agree, that's a lot. We've been to the Marine Corps Museum a bunch of times (obviously!) and that alone is a whole afternoon.

        Having spent enough time around Quantico, there is NOTHING I would ever make a destination.

        My coworkers like Dixie Bones BBQ

        1. re: Jeserf

          I had a very disappointing experience at Dixie Bones in Woodbridge, and wouldn't personally recommend it. Very expensive for the small serving sizes and flavors (I sensed that these were carefully weighed and measured portions). Also the atmospherics were unpleasant, the entire wait-staff looked glum, as if they'd just been upbraided by the owner, and there was a certain amount of haughty arrogance at the front counter (in a Q joint!?!?). Finally, the Dixie Bones reviews I've seen on other web sites are oddly hyper-enthusiastic (e.g., "5 stars!!!! Yummmm!!!", mixed in with the more realistic 1-star and 2-star disillusioned gripes like mine. Which makes me wonder whether the web "reputation" services (i.e., reviews for pay) are at work. By the way I'm a bit of a Q fanatic and have been all around DC for the Q experience as well as Texas and St. Louis and Georgia Big Pig Jig (where I was a judge) so that's the angle I some from when ID'ing Dixie Bones as mediocre at best.

          1. re: Geeyore

            I've never been because I don't eat that stuff, but I don't doubt it given that I've never had a meal I've enjoyed when I'm down in that area...heh

      2. In historic Fredericksburg there will be a variety of non-chain restaurants. Outside of historic Fredericksburg you will find your standard chain restaurants.

        1. If you're in Fredericksburg you might as well check out the battlefield which IMO is just unbelievable and mind boggling as a battle ground, and then check out the Battlefield Restaurant which is almost directly across the street from park HQ. I'd read some good things about it but when I was last there it was closed for the day (I think a Monday?).

          Anyway agree that your schedule for DC seems ambitious, I'd pare it down to Arlington, one or two Smithsonian museums (Air and Space, Natural History, and old National Gallery are always good), a stroll around the Capitol, and leave it at that. Traffic and parking in Georgetown (M Street and Wisconsin) can be challenging on weekends though if you're committed it can be good for a quick visit.

          For something "exotic" and unique to DC Metro (outside of California) I always recommend Eden Center which is the largest Vietnamese shopping mall east of the Mississippi. Lots of restaurants (>20) and small shops. For Vietnamese hoagies ("banh mi" pronounced "bun mee") try Banh Mi So 1 (Banh Mi Number 1) or for sit down try Huong Viet which is acknowledged the best or for Vietnamese noodle soup ("Pho" pronounced "Fow") try Pho Xe Lua (Xe Lua = railroad train).

          Anyway have fun.

          1. thanks, all, for the tips.

            in my attempt to keep the post short, I didn't want to post my full itinerary. Rest assured I'm not cramming all that activity into one day. More like 2 days and nights and I've been to most of the sites multiple times except the Marine Museum already, so it's more of just a fly by to refresh my memory. And I'm definitely spending some time on the battlefields (Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania, and Wilderness) for an additional 1.5 days.

            But sounds like there weren't many food tips. Is Fredericksburg just one of those tourist trap areas? Definitely don't want chain food. Would love to have a go to neighborhood place (diner, bistro, bar & grill, etc.)

            I did find some highly recommended joints in Arlington so I'm hoping on a couple decent meals. I guess I'll just roll the dice on the others.

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            1. re: weegeebee

              Try Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington - remember its cash only

              1. re: weegeebee

                I ate at Capital Ale House in downtown Fredericksburg in late 2010. It looks like it's a local chain with some locations in the Richmond area as well. I enjoyed my meal. The menu is probably about what you'd expect at an ale house, and they have a huge selection of beer.

                1. re: weegeebee

                  In Stafford, there is the Potomac Point Winery, which has a bistro. I enjoyed my lunch there both times and the winery is beautiful on a beautiful piece of land. It's not really the time of year for sitting outside, but they do have a nice area inside. Just check winter hours as these places usually scale back then.