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Jan 5, 2012 09:03 AM

2 dinners in Long Beach

Have to work a weekend convention in Long Beach in January. Will not have any chance to get into LA or anywhere else nearby, so please do not recommend anything outside LB.

Went to Urbanspoon... the list of their top-rated places looks pretty grim. So came over here to see what you guys think. I'll eat anything, although I'm not fond of paying for red sauce Italian.

Also, any recos for coffee? Again, can't get into LA for Handsome/Intelli/Klatch etc. So anything drinkable near the LB convention center?

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  1. Enrique's Mexican on PCH. Get the pork shank, it is great!

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      Seconded, or the sea bass.

    2. Third for Enrique's, with the caveat that it's not downtown. It is in a mini-mall at the corner of PCH and Loyne's a few miles east of downtown.

      It would help to know what budget we're working with, as well as likes/dislikes.

      For Greek/Cypriot, there's always George's downtown AND in Belmont Shore AND in Lakewood. I've also had good Greek at a place called Café Ambrosia, at the corner of Broadway and Cherry. And in Belmont Shore you'll find Open Sesame, serving good Middle Eastern fare.

      Alegría Café downtown has pretty good pan-Latin food. It doesn't get much attention here, so I may be alone in that opinion. But I've had good meals there.

      L'Opera used to be my go-to for high-end Italian, but Michael's on Naples has replaced it completely for me. Michael's is also more expensive, so that's an expense-account meal. Café Piccolo in Belmont Heights is surprisingly good and a lot cheaper.

      If you don't mind a drive, two Thai places I like are both near Long Beach City College: Panvimarn on Carson and Tiny Thai on Norse Way. Very tasty food. In Belmont Shore, I also like Phuket Thai. For Vietnamese small plates, Benley is great, but it's way east and north of where you'll be, in the Long Beach/Los Alamitos netherlands (Wardlow and Los Alamitos Blvd).

      These are all random shots. Anyone else?

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        i've heard good things about the new beachwood barbecue, but haven't been there. there's a pakistani place on second or third where the record store used to be that's ok. if you haven't been to berlin in the east village you might like it (same building as FINGERPRINTS!). breakfast and lunch there's omelet inn. i used to recommend king's fish house, but last couple meals have just been ok. and if you like steak, there's 555.

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          I second George's for Greek. Nice vibe, cozy atmosphere, etc. I've only been to one in Belmont Shore but have heard good things about the establishment downtown.

          Michael's on Naples is supposed to be terrfic, never been but I have friends who rave about it. Don't bother with any of the other Italian places on 2nd street in Belmont Shore.

          I have a soft spot in my heart for Sushi Studio on PCH. It's loud, filled with hipsters, but fun and the rolls are innovative.

        2. Thanks all. That was easy. Enriques will be one of 'em. Maybe I'll go twice :-)

          1. I'm too late for the OP, but for future visitors to my hometown Long Beach I love At Last Cafe. Great Americana home style food at reasonable prices. They don't have a lot of tables so definitely make a reservation. Best mac and cheese ever. Love their pot roast.