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Any good boucheries, fromageries, or boulangeries in Los Angeles?

I'm looking for food shopping outside of the large markets, and am looking to purchase meats through a butcher, because I can get a better selection.
I'd also like to find a really good cheese shop.
In addition, I'm looking for the best boulangerie, for baguettes and croissants.
Any suggestions.

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  1. What part of town? you have Andrew's Cheese Shop in Brentwood and the Beverly hills Cheese shop (in Beverly Hills).

    Milo and Olive in Santa Monica for Bread or Bay Cities for Bread as well.
    Vicente Foods for Meat.(Brentwood)

    This is all on the Westside. Hope that helps.

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      In addition to the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, I also like Wally's Cheese Box in Westwood. Wally's is a small building across the parking lot from the main wine store that has cheese, charcuterie and other products. Its cheese selection is smaller than Beverly Hills and few people are as knowledgeable about cheese as Norbert, but Jenny has given me some very good suggestions. The other big plus is that Wally's has parking.

      The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills
      419 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA

      Wally's Wine & Spirits
      2107 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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        Andrew's Cheese Shop is at 728 Montana (between 7th and Lincoln) in Santa Monica, not Brentwood.

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          Andrews Cheese Shop place link

          Andrews Cheese Shop
          728 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA

      2. Hucklberry or Milo and Olive for bread and other baked goods.

        1. Huntington Meats at the original Farmers Market.

          Huntington Meats
          6333 W 3rd St # 350, Los Angeles, CA

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            Second that! Try their Tomahawk Chop, it must be 2 or 3lbs. Great sausages also.

          2. I'm partial to Marconda's Meats in Farmers Market. There's also McCall's in Los Feliz.

            For cheese, there are many options: Cheese Store of Beverly Hills; Cheese Store of Silver Lake; Cheese Store of Pasadena. There are other places that are not exclusively cheese shops but which nevertheless carry a nice selection, including Cube marketplace and Monsieur Marcel in Farmers Market.

            If you're in the San Gabriel Valley, Alexander's Meats (inside Howie's Ranch Market in San Gabriel) is the place to go. Going farther east, there's the Corner Butcher in La Verne, and Wolfe's Market in Claremont.

            1. In the Valley I suggest The Artisan Cheese shop in Studio City and Jim's Gourmet Meats (in Jim's Fallbrook Market) out in Woodland Hills. Jim's also has excellent seafood, and a very good wine selection. You didn't mention produce, but an excellent alternative to supermarkets aside from Farmers' Markets is the Farm Boy in Sherman Oaks.

              1. Oops, one more Valley treasure is the European Sausage Factory in North Hollywood. Excellent eastern European sausages and bacons. In an industrial park on the south side of Saticoy just west of Coldwater.

                1. have you been to Lindy & Grundy on Fairfax. i like their products, and i like them. best to call before you go though.

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                    > best to call before you go though.

                    To check that they're open, or to check that they have what you want?

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                      They have regular hours and sometimes irregular selection. Better now. They break down their own animals so it helps to be flexible i.e. if they don't have lamb shanks be willing to try lamb neck, which is tastier anyway.

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                        selection. and they'll happily get what you want if you call ahead to order.

                      2. "...for baguettes and croissants."

                        Maison Giraud in Pacific Palisades. Also canales in the morning.

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                        1. Not sure where in LA you're located, but I can recommend two excellent cheese shops on the east side: Say Cheese, and the Cheese Store of Silverlake.

                          Say Cheese have a smaller selection, but the quality is much higher. Not that the Cheese Store's cheeses aren't very good indeed; it's just that Say Cheese are maniacal about cheese and pat├ęs, and it really shows. Well worth a detour.

                          Also on the east side is McCall's Meat and Fish Co., but I offer that recommendation with a very strong caveat: They are well known for foisting product that's about two hours away from spoiling as the absolute best and freshest thing in the shop. You might get lucky with them, but the buzz among people who don't spend over $1000/week there is decidedly negative.

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                            Just curious, is your caveat on McCall's only pertaining to cheese? I've been there a bit mostly for meat and fish and have always been pleased. Lindy and Grundy's is now my go-to due to location (and been very happy), however I wish they carried seafood. Never tried the cheese at McCalls however.

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                              No, I was talking about their meat. I haven't tried the cheese, but it's fine according to people I know who have.

                              I prefer Lindy and Grundy's as well for meats!

                          2. Maison du Pain, on Pico near Hauser, for baguettes and croissants. And other pastries. And macarons. And other bread. And sandwiches..... Yum.

                            1. I second Cheese Store of Silverlake. Nice selection of cheese and misc. products. Saba, Olive oil, crackers, etc. Cheese Store of BH is nice but kind of hard to navigate at busier times.