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Jan 5, 2012 08:21 AM

Bham - Brisket

Man that post about I-10 where Mahalan mentioned Smitty's reminded me of my Lockhart trip to to Kreuz. I went to their online menu and believe I actually salivated on my keyboard. Does anyone here do fatty brisket anything like the briskey (or prime rib) found at any of Lockhart holy trinity places? I'm probably asking too much ...

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  1. Saw's has done it once before, but I think he threw away the fatty end - it was all lean. I gave my dad two briskets from Black's BBQ this Xmas and they were just as good at home as they are in Lockhart.

    1. I have not found any in Bham, but if ever over in Atlanta, especially around the northern perimeter, Heirloom Market BBQ has a very good brisket.

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        Jim N Nick's brisket was quite good the times I had it.....

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          It has been two years since I've tried JnN's brisket, but it was dry and they had cut off too much of the fat the two times I tried it. I stick to their pulled pork and sometimes ribs if I go now.

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            Best brisket I've ever had in my life wasn't smoked. It was cooked in beer for like ever. Then served with a special sauce. To die for. I need that recipe.

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          armstwa - Thanks! I'm taking the girlfriend to ATL in a couple weeks. We'll have to make a stop at Heirloom Market.

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            Please report back. The wife and I are due for an Atlanta Food Weekend.

        3. I live in Houston currently and i'm moving to Bham. I love brisket and also love smoking it myself. I've been to all the heavy hitter: Luling City, Smitty's, Black's, Kreuz, Franklin's and Snow's .

          For brisket alone, Franklin's and Smitty's stand above the rest. Truly life altering stuff. I'm going to miss them greatly.

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            Master your recipe and let's open a place in the Ham.

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              Welcome to the 'ham!

              While we've got some great dining options, the barbecue scene isn't really up to what you're used to. That said, if you're open to something a bit different the white sauce they put on barbecue here really isn't bad (actually, it can be very good). I'd also recommend hitting up Moe's in Lakewood and trying their wings (yes, they cost almost as much as their ribs but the wings are more than worth it while the ribs aren't even worth half the cost.)

              Think you'll love the transition.