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Jan 5, 2012 08:04 AM

Bday in Napa

I will be with 10 people total on the 15th in Napa for a friend's bday. We are doing the vineyards in the day, but trying to figure out where to go for dinner which won't be over the top expensive. I have been to Redd and Bouchon before, so not there.


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  1. Those that could accommodate that size of group inexpensively:

    Grace's Table
    Norman Rose (they have a back room)
    Uva Trattoria

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    1. You may also want to consider Alex Italian Restaurant in Rutherford, if you're not set on staying in the city of Napa.

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        If Alex doesn't a private room, I think 10 would be a bit large for their space. I have seen them accommodate eight by the fireplace, but ten would be a stretch...