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Jan 5, 2012 07:21 AM

Where do I buy pickled Jalapenos peppers (preferably in BULK) in Toronto?

My massive purchase from COSTCO of Guiliano pickled Jalapeno peppers has run out. The COSTCO food broker tells me that it is a seasonal summer product.

So if anyone knows where I could get bulk pickled Jalapeno peppers(other then the "tiny" bottles at METRO), I would be VERY appreciative.


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  1. I would like to get these myself as I find fresh jalapenos are not always plentiful here in the winter. This product might be seasonal for Costco but Guiliano offers them year-round online through their website. Here's the product that I think you are talking about:

    Costco likely had larger jars at a cheaper price, or at least multiple jars packaged together for a cheaper price. I emailed Guiliano to see who else carries these right now in this area and will let you know but I very much doubt anyone else will carry larger jars if those are indeed what Costco had. Are the ones at Metro the Guiliano brand?

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      No distribution in Canada Guiliano says.

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        No. Metro (formerly A&P) does not have the GUILIANO brand. By the way, those guys are great. I called them and raved on the phone to them, called COSTCO to request that they restock and the GUILIANO people sent me 3 bottle FREE! I love those guys. They really get customer service. Michael.

      2. Wholesale Club is at the corner Rogers and Weston Rd. probably has them, though I'm not speaking from experience. They seem to carry a lot of stuff for foodservice businesses.

        1. I've seen large 28-ounce cans and much larger in the market. Not the greatest quality but cheap.

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            Thanks, good to know for some but I'd rather have good quality in glass jars, which have. no Bisphenol-A like cans do.