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Jan 5, 2012 06:48 AM

Spring Rolls in Tucson?

Can anyone suggest a place with good shrimp spring rolls in Tucson (without stealth pork)? They make a good lunch on flights but we've yet to find a good one. Thanks.


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  1. The only place I could think of would be Com Tam Thuan Kieu attached to Lee Lee Oriental Market, but I checked their menu and they don't have them. The closest thing they have are 'shrimp paste rolls' (chao tom cuon), which is grilled shrimp paste in a spring roll.

    You should try to make them yourself. They're very easy to make. I've attached a recipe from Momofuku for 2.

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    1. re: missvenuz

      Thank you, yes, they're very easy to make & we often do that. We live about 1.5 hours from Tucson & sometimes plan errands for the full day before a flight so there's not much time to make them the morning we leave home. If we make them 1.5 days before the flight, well, they're getting a bit old by lunchtime in the air.

      We've tried the 'shrimp paste rolls' from that place by Lee Lee: stealth pork.

      & thanks for the recipe, looks tasty. One thing we do for spring rolls is to put a toothpick through the shrimp before cooking to keep them straight & easier to roll.


    2. Have you tried the spring rolls at Miss Saigon (on Campbell @ Speedway - they open at 10:30 a.m. on weekdays)? I'm sure you can have them leave out the pork. They also have a plain shrimp paste version I haven't tried.
      They're not earth-shattering, but might do in a pinch, and it's an easy drive from there to the airport.

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      1. re: wild onion

        No, haven't tried them, so thanks for that.


      2. Thai China Bistro on the 5100 block of east Grant road, has summer (aka fresh spring) rolls, with or without shrimp, I had a double order for lunch today and there was no pork in it. If you want peanut sauce instead of the super-sweet pink sauce, you need to request it instead.

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          Thai China Bistro is new to us too, thanks. I've never been sure which planet that sickly-sweet pink sauce came from so you're suggestion about that is much appreciated too.