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Jan 5, 2012 04:41 AM

Good Caribbean-style hot sauce?

Can anyone recommend a good Caribbean-style hot sauce I can get locally? (Northern VA preferred) This version is typically an orange-yellow -- think turmeric color -- and mixes mustard, scotch bonnet peppers, and vinegar. Fruit is often another ingredient.

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  1. harris teeter carries pickapeppa sauce. that is my recommendation, though it isn't that color.

    shoppers also has a big selection of caribbean hot sauces, as i recall. i like to go and look at labels.

    you'll have fun looking at this review blog.

    i like the ones with mango and/or guava.

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    1. re: alkapal

      I would try Matouks, Sauce Calypso - usually sold in the small Latino stores.

      1. re: agarnett100

        I agree with Matouks - they make a few different kinds. I like the West Indian Salsa Picante sauce

        More yellow and hotter is Ricks West Indian Fuh So sauce.

        A favorite is Marie Sharp's from Belize, she mixes with veggies, not fruit, still tasty though (several varieties, may favorite is the "mild" habanero on bottom left


      2. re: alkapal

        Thanks to everyone for these recommendations.

        I bought a bottle of Pickapeppa sauce today. Tasty but no hot peppers. Just now, I compared the image of the Pickapeppa bottle on the web site to the one I bought at Balducci's. Mine is something called original flavor which is very heavy on tamarind. The highly regarded version on the web site is Pickapeppa Red Hot.

        The quest continues!

        1. re: Indy 67

          i bought a cookbook a while back that was nothing but hot sauces or condiment sauces.

          do you want thai bird chili hot or habanero hot? get one and grind it up into your pickapeppa. wear gloves! ;-).

          1. re: Indy 67

            Yes, The name can be quite misleading. Pickapepper is essentially Jamaican A1or HP sauce and carries little to no heat. The sauce you described is a basic mustard based pepper sauce such as Matouk's original,Baron's,Grace and Marie Sharp.
            Check my past posts for a basic recipe if you should choose to make it your self.

        2. The one I have in my fridge right now is "Jamaican Pepper" and I got at Safeway in Reston. I've seen others, though, and the latino stores is a great idea. Fresh World(?) had quite a selection, but they're no longer in Reston.

          I have a bottle from Glady's in St. Thomas I'd be willing to take high bids on...

          1. california Tortilla has a huge selection of hot sauces for sampling and for sale and I am 99% sure they have the one you are looking for. they are located throughout the dc metro area

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            1. re: dining with doc

              Thanks. I'll be heading to the Oakton branch today.

              1. re: dining with doc

                The sign above the display of hot sauces at California Tortilla said "Take the bottles to the table. Try as many as you'd like." I decided to believe the sign and tried six different sauces: Melinda's Amarillo Habenero, Colon Cleaner, Maui Mango Meltdown, Pickapeppa Red, Blind Betty's Blind in the Rind, and one other I've not forgotten. I bought bottles of the first three.

                Melinda's is very close to the sauce we had in Barbados.

                Colon Cleaner is also a mustard-based hot sauce but uses Dijon mustard where the Caribbean style uses yellow ballpark mustard. CC also uses red wine vinegar instead of the more plebian white or apple vinegar. I can't believe I liked this sauce since it has a rating of eight on California Tortilla's scale with Dave's Insanity earning a 10+.

                Mango Meltdown juxtaposes the sweetness of the fruit and the heat of chiles.

                Great fun!

                Thanks to everyone who is continuing to post suggestions. I'll be on the hunt for those in a little while. For now, we're set.

                1. re: Indy 67

                  great to know you are set! i had to laugh at colon cleaner. just last night i heard a radio ad for some health product urging the consumer to "give back" to their colon. tee hee. i think NOT!

                  1. re: alkapal

                    Theres quite a few sauces marketed with a (quasi)humorous names, some pretty much fly-by-night, others mainstay

                    - Colon Cleaner

                    - Ass In The Tub

                    - Smack my Ass and call me Sally

                    - Ass Reaper

                    - Bin Laden Wanted Dead or Alive

                    - Sir Fartalot

                    - Weapons of Ass Destruction

                    - Merry Fucking Cristmas

                    - Choke Your Chicken Wing Sauce

                    - Neal's Hairy Ass

                    - Wet Fart XX with Pooh

                    To name a few. Amusing.

                    1. re: porker

                      The Ass Reaper (given as a gift) is our current sauce of choice.

                      1. re: mdpilam

                        Speaking of,
                        - Kick Yo Ass
                        - Smart Ass
                        - Candy Ass
                        - Whoopin Ass
                        - Dumb Ass
                        - Ass Blaster
                        - Ass Gas
                        - Kiss your Ass Goodbye
                        - Rectal Revenge
                        - Rectal Rocket Fuel
                        - Red Rectum

                        The Smack My Ass series:
                        - And Call Me Sally Banging Chicken
                        - The Second Slapping
                        - The Slap Heard Round The World
                        - Smack My *sweet* Ass & Call Me Sally

                        -Sphincter Shrinker
                        - Larry's Hot Pussy Juice (ooops, wrong category)

              2. too bad Uncle Brutha's retail store closed. they had just about every sauce imaginable (not just their own)

                1. I have had a few Tropical Pepper Company Sauces that I liked from the Weis Market near me.

                  This is the website with a list of sauces.

                  These two Trinidad Mustard Sauce and Roasted Habanero Mustard kind of sound like what you are describing. I have not tried either of these.

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                  1. re: jimg28

                    The Tropical Roasted Habanero Mustard is GREAT! I'm a junky for this kind of thing and I am hooked on the roasted habanero mustard right now! I got it at Earth Fare in Boone, NC. Well worth all 288 pennies.