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Jan 5, 2012 04:16 AM

ISO veal breast -Plymouth and south

I would like to make some veal stock using a veal breast. Any idea of where I can get one between Plymouth and Orleans? Also is there a place I can get fresh pasta sheets for lasagna? TIA.

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  1. I'm guessing The Market at Pinehills will have veal breast available. I often get chops there. Best to call ahead though. Right off exit 3 on Rte 3 in Plymouth. No fresh pasta that I know of on the Cape except Nata's noodles in the Ring Bros. Market on Rte 134 in So. Dennis. Have never seen sheets there though.

    Note: I saw your other post on the Boston board. Can't you just make a swing into the North End? Both are prevelant there of course.

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      I often stop at The Market but have never seen a veal breast there. I will call and see if they can order me one.
      There is a new pasta place behind the West Barnstable General Store but they are only open Thurs to Sun. My husband is going to stop and check today.
      If I go to the North End I would go in a short period of time between work and the train so would like to know where exactly to go.
      Thanks for the response.

      1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

        I read about that new place. Make their own cheese as well. Couldn't figure out where they were located though. Thanks for the tip.

        In the North End, the best butcher, by FAR is Sulmona on 32 Parmenter Street. Don't be put off by the bare counter and empty case, they keep everything in the back walk-ins. The most tender veal cutlets sliced to order, meatball mix fresh ground to order, aged meats, great sausage. The prices are reasonable, too, but bring cash, no credit cards accepted. You can call them at: (617) 742-2791. Haymarket T stop is not far I think.

        For fresh pasta I love DePasquale's on Cross St. Here's a link:

    2. Nata's noodles definitely sells pasta sheets for lasagne, but they generally don't carry spinach pasta for a true lasagne bolognese. The regular ones are just fine, though.

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      1. re: lisaonthecape

        you might be able to get fresh pasta sheets from the Guaranteed Fresh retail store on Rte 28 in Hyannis, across from the airport (near Radisson hotel).

        1. re: cape year rounder

          I will take a look there. I did get the pasta in Boston (since I work there it isn't out of the way) but it would be nice to know I can get it locally. Thanks,

          1. re: cape year rounder

            Where is this place? Do you mean Guaranteed Fresh Produce farther down 28 almost into Yarmouth, across from Midas? If so, they don't sell fresh pasta, but their veggie and commercial products are priced right.

          2. re: lisaonthecape

            Where is Nata's noodles these days? I have seen the raviolis at the Ring Marketplace in Dennis and when I 'googled' Nata's Noodles it gave that as the address.

            1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

              Nata's is one of the vendors who has a rented space in the Ring Brother's Marketplace in Dennis. They sell raviolis and other pastas and prepared meals. They are right next to the Montillio's Bakery rented space.

          3. I think that Roche Brothers has veal breast on occasion, too, although I don't see it on a regular basis.