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Jan 5, 2012 04:13 AM

ISO fresh lasagna sheets in Boston

I work in Back Bay and take the train from South Station so I am limited in my search for fresh lasagna sheets. Any suggestions? If I had a car or time, I would go to Capone's. Also any suggestions of a butcher where I could get a veal breast within the same parameters? TIA

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  1. In the North End, the best butcher, IMHO is Sulmona on 32 Parmenter Street. Don't be put off by the bare counter and empty case, they keep everything in the back walk-ins. The most tender veal cutlets sliced to order, meatball mix fresh ground to order, aged meats, great sausage. The prices are reasonable, too, but bring cash, no credit cards accepted. You can call them at: (617) 742-2791. Haymarket T stop is not far I think.

    For fresh pasta I love DePasquale's on Cross St. Here's a link:

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      Took your advice and made a detour to the North End on my way home. Picked up the lasagna sheets at DePasquales (luckily the last pack!) and then went down and bought 12 lbs of veal breast at Sulmona. They cut it in pieces for me so now I have enough for two batches of veal stock. Thanks though I think it is funny that the only response I got was someone else from West Barnstable.

    2. You sound like my Aunt Mary, an excellent Italian cook who was worried that when she moved to Florida, there wouldn't be a good Italian butcher. She took 10 pounds of frozen veal cutlets with her on the plane. I can only imagine what TSA would think of that today!

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        If your Aunt Mary moved to the Cape she would need to bring frozen veal cutlets with her. There is no butcher on the Cape.

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          Actually, Peterson's in Yarmouthport has a pretty fair butcher. Although nothing compares to Sulmona's.

      2. Dave's Fresh Pasta is walking distance from Davis Red Line. They will roll lasagna sheets for you.