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Jan 4, 2012 09:43 PM

Alternative to Ghiradelli Chocolate Chips Needed

I'm lactose-intolerant and was so sure that Ghiradelli Bittersweet Chocolate Chips were vegan. But recently I've been having a bad reaction to them, so I double-checked the label and sure enough there's milk fat in them. Does anyone know if this is a change? What non-dairy dark chocolate chips do you like best? Thanks.

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  1. Are you against chocolate chunk cookies? If not, then a whole world of dark chocolate (better than Ghiradelli) is awaiting you!

    1. My favorite chocolate chips are Guittard, dark semisweet, with no milk, if you can find them, or the chocolate wafers which are so much more expensive. But, as mateo suggested, chopping your own is better, I use Trader Joe's big blocks.

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        My fave is Guittard too. They're vegan but with one bit of info. All chocolate is made in the same machines where they make milk chocolate. But thats no different than a family member using your mixer with milk provided that they clean it properly. I have another fave which is Callebaut. Actually, Callebaut is my favorite vegan or not, but Guittard is VERY CLOSE. I alternate between both brands depending on how I feel. Callebaut is COMPLETELY vegan btw. Dont buy chocolate chips. Chop your own. I like to use 1 part 55 percent chocolate and 1 part 70-72 percent chocolate, that way you get that harmony of the sweetness that you inner child craves for, but also has that more complex bitter-sweetness that an adult can appreciate. I have Thomas Keller to thank for this. Best cookies every time.

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          That's good to know about the vegan issue since I have friends who are vegan. I have to say, though, someone would have to be unbelievably lactose intolerant if they couldn't eat a few chocolate chips that might have shared a tray w/ some milk chocolate chips.

      2. Trader Joe's chocolate chips are good and don't have milk fat as a listed ingredient.

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          I just tried these recently and really liked them, too.

        2. I use chocolate chips (more in the shape of drops) from See's Candy. Sometimes you have to ask for them, they're not always out on display.

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            babyducks - See's are also made by Guittard. It's a slightly different recipe than the Guittard branded chips from the grocery store though. Good stuff.

          2. I don't have an answer... but you must be VERY lactose-intolerant if a couple of chocolate chips has enough lactose in them to upset your system!