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Jan 4, 2012 09:19 PM

Gift suggestions needed

Hello friends,

I am traveling to parts of Asia later this week, and would like to buy some fine spirits and wines to gift family members and business associates.

I can either buy them here in HOUSTON and check them in my luggage, or buy them in the Duty free shop at the airport in DUBAI.

I do not drink by choice, so please pardon my ignorance

I am looking for some wonderful, UNIQUE:

1) Wine

2) Champagne (I think this is a Wine)

3) Scotch Whisky

4) Any other unique liquor that is appropriate as a gift

I can spend up to $150-200 A BOTTLE....for something really special otherwise something less than $100 is good.

I appreciate your comments.

Thanks so much,

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  1. If the recipients are connoisseurs, you need more information to buy something for them.
    If the recipients are not connoisseurs, you are wasting your money.

    I would consider a vintage port. You'll have to buy what's available -- probably lots more in Houston although I've never been to the Dubai airport (which might be exceptional for all I know).

    If you are sure they like Scotch, you'll have to see what's available. Find a liquor store that you trust and put yourself in their hands. There isn't too much point in setting your heart on some rare bottle that you can't find. If you're not sure they like Scotch, buy an expensive bottling of a familiar brand of blended scotch, such as Johnnie Walker Blue.

    Consider a good bottle of cognac. If they know cognac, then again put yourself in the hands of a good liquor store. If not, buy an expensive brand of a well-known brand Martell Cordon Bleu or Remy Martin XO.

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