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Jan 4, 2012 07:50 PM

Restaurants in SF with Locally Sourced, Seasonal Tasting Menu?

Headed to SFO soon, and looking for a delicious restaurant with a seasonal menu of locally sourced food. My girlfriend and I are both foodies, and lean towards modern cuisine. We love a good tasting menu too.

I think if we could find anything along the lines of a Bonsoirée in Chicago or a Bolsa in Dallas, we'd be extremely pleased.

Looking for something that's between a $$ and a $$$$ as a stretch.

Any suggestions? Thanks all!

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  1. In SF, it might be easier to ask for the converse.

    And then use the process of elimination to decide where to go.

    1. How much is "between $$ and a $$$$ as a stretch"? Restaurant $ signs are subjective.

      Also only in SF proper or what traveling distances? A few of the often recommended seasonal tasting menus are 1 hr or more away.

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      1. re: ML8000

        I'd say between $15 and $40 per entree. SF proper would definitely be ideal as we won't be renting a car.

      2. Atelier Crenn and Saison, but they are definitely $$$$. Commonwealth ($$) and Sons & Daughters ($$$) are probably more what you are looking for. Commonwealth is an amazing value.

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        1. re: barzelay

          Was looking at both Commonwealth and Sons & Daughters! Will check out Atelier Crenn and Saison too. Thanks!

          1. re: calsheimer

            Though on the upper end of the $$$ scale, you should also check out Coi. They are serious local and seasonal, with some ingredients coming from the Chef's back yard.

        2. "Seasonal menu of locally sourced food" is so common here that there's been a backlash of people eating fried chicken and funnel cakes and shunning restaurants for trucks and loading docks. AQ has taken seasonality a step further by changing the decor (including bar countertops) with the seasons.

          It's rare to see entrees much over $30, at that price range places in SF tend to switch to prix-fixe.