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Jan 4, 2012 07:17 PM

leftover from xmas - $40 amazon giftcard

long time reader, first time poster (lol)

I just found a $40 amazon giftcard leftover from Christmas (thanks, Aunt Mimi!) and want to pick up a new kitchen gadget. I am in a metropolitan area (Houston) and have no difficulty finding any/all edible/unusual gourmet food no need to order on amazon (unless i find a really amazing deal!)

However, I am woefully lacking in the kitchenware department! I just had a baby (he's 3 weeks old) and am starting to cook a lot for my family. :)

Here's what I have (I know its not much but I make do! My late mother was a french pastry chef, and I am just now beginning to find any interest in being in the kitchen...after my sister and I have already sold much of her cookware. Ha!)

Pots and pans - including a 12" cast iron, dutch oven, etc.
Knives (this is mainly my DH's department, he keeps them sharp).
Mini food processor (cheapo brand).
Flour sifter (was my mothers!)
Cutting boards, etc.
and so forth...

Basically, a lot of basics. Not the highest quality though...

Perhaps a cookbook and a thermometer?
Can i get an inexpensive immersion blender that's worth it?

Help me out!

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  1. Just throwing some other idea for you to consider.

    Are you interested in baking? Do you have a decent hand mixer? Maybe a few bakeware?

    Or you get something useful but off the wall, like a nice ergonomic mat:

    1. emmekin: "Perhaps a cookbook and a thermometer?"

      Maybe Monsieur Linguini would trade you for the new thermometer he hates.

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      1. re: Jay F

        sounds like a deal to me :P

        interesting that someone with an allowance is in need of a $100 kitchen thermometer...

      2. Hi, emmekin:

        Not strictly culinary, but a couple of nice oval platters that can do double duty as serving pieces *and* plates would be nice. Dear Wahine and I have two that we use for plates "just for us"; I wish we had bought them years ago.


        1. I'd suggest 3 Microplane graters (fine, medium, and coarse).

          1. Get a food mill for when you start making food for your baby. :o)

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            1. re: pdxgastro

              I second this, just got one for our 3 mth old baby when she's ready to eat solids.