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Jan 4, 2012 07:12 PM

Grocery Outlet, January 2012


$5.00 - 64 oz Hellman's Mayo made with eggs from cage free chickens

The cage-free hooked me. I'm not sure if that equals mayo without guilt, but at least the chickens were a bit happier. This is one big jar though. More than double what at one time was the quart jar.

San Pablo

Forgot about the mayo, so don't know if it was here as I skipped that aisle.

Lots of chocolates

$1.99 - Hershey's holiday kisses, mint truffle, caramel filled and candy cane

$1.99 - Lindt chocolate bars

$1.99 - Haagen Daz Five (strawberry)

At that price, the Lindt isn't the bargain it once was. Walmart sells it for that price and I can use coupons to knock the price down more.

There was something called Baron's chocolate for 99 cents. All I can say is read the label. Put aside 10 minutes, there's a lot to read. Baron has a premium bar at $1.49 with less junk however the last ingredient was "artificial flavor". I put it back.

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  1. The Lindt chocolate bars are no deal either. Remember when GO was selling them for 75 cents? That was only a few years ago, too.

    1. The Oakland store had a big table in the back with Asian ingredients--likely a closeout from an Indonesian store. I got some dark palm sugar (gula jawa), Indonesian bay leaves, caned macapuno, banana hot sauce, hearts of palm, and roasted chili paste. There were many other items, including a lot of Thailand imports.

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        I scored some Shark brand sriracha sauce from that table today--99 cents for the large 25 ounce bottle. I would say that 85 percent of the stock turned over since I was there last week. The Asian items are temporary. I also picked up a small bag of dangmyeon for making japchae for 25 cents(!).

        Also in Oakland:
        Lettieri La Porta, Orecchiette -- $2.99
        Straus Brown Sugar Banana ice cream pint -- $1.99

        I'm a big fan of the 2009 Pianissimo organic malbec rose, back in stock at 2/$5 as well as the 2007 Patianna bio-dynamic organic sauvignon blanc for $3.99.

      2. The GO website is saying the South SF store will open in March.

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          It's about time they opened the SSF store. It was supposed to open Fall 2011 and then pushed back to "early 2012." Can't wait to finally see it open in a month or so,

        2. The BB Czech lager (big pile near the register at the Oakland store) is a fair facsimile of Pilsner Urquell for half the price ($1.29/500 mL) - crisp, malty but dry, hoppy, and light at 4.7%. If you like a good pils, this is hard to beat for the price.