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Jan 4, 2012 06:24 PM

Mexican / Latin grocer or good place to get authentic salsas and corn tortillas in Markham

Any suggestions for good Mexican ingredients in Markham? I usually make the trek to Kensington to stock up.

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  1. Generally, Mexican / Latin** grocers spring up around Mexican / Latin communities. I am not aware of such a community in Markham.

    That being said, La Tortelleria @ St Clair & Dufferin is farther north than Kesington, but i don't know that it would be any easier to get to from where you're coming from.

    Maybe consider making your own salsas & tortillas, since you can trek out for the raw ingredients less often. Well, you can find items for the salsa at most grocers in Markham. And places like Highland Farms sell Maseca and other products (chipotle peppers in a can).

    ** this is true for any displaced culture

    1. Mad Mexican makes some pretty decent salsas. They can be found at a variety of locations in the GTA - for Markham, it looks like your closest bet is at Concord Food Centre (1438 Centre St.) in Thornhill, according to their website:
      Not sure why their locations page is listed under recipes, but as long as it works...?

      Anyways, if you try it, please post back what you think-I've only tried their salsas from Scheffler's in SLM, but it'd be nice to know if it's consistent across the board.

      1. There is a tiny Salvadorian/Honduran grocer on Kennedy, south of Ellesmere. It is on the west side,
        sandwiched in between a porn shop and a dodgy mattress store. It called El Rincon Latino. They also make some amazing pupusas, chicharron con yuca and pescado frito. They are more central American, so no flour tortillas here. But you will find decent corn tortillas, queso fresco, imported salsas and chiles as well as imported Latino pop. They accept debit but do charge a small fee, so if you adverse to paying these, take cash. Very nice ladies, check it out, may have what you are craving, I'm going right now.

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          Also check your local no-frills, they have been stocking a decent amount of authenticate mexican products lately (at least the ones in SE Scarborough). We can choose between 2-3 brands of authenticate corn tortillas, and they stock a couple different mexican brands of pantry items.

          1. re: elrik

            hanks everyhone for the recommendations - some familiar some not. I will be sure to visit Scarborough soon.

          2. re: jaimitoeloso

            are their pupusas better than el pulgarcito which is down the street?

            1. re: plug

              They are definitely on par, if not better. Both Salvadoran ladies of the finest pupusa making ilk. At el rincon there is no minimum order either as there are at el pulgarcito. I agree that they are mighty fine there too though! Did I mention the queso fresco? This can be sliced and fried like haloumi, place in a warm tortilla (I recommend la tortilleria) and topped with a little salsa. AMAZING! A perfect mix of my mexican american and nicaraguan heritage.

              1. re: jaimitoeloso

                hrm.. i'll give a whirl tonight!