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Jan 4, 2012 06:19 PM


New addition to the Dundas/Trafalgar area in Oakville. Best addition yet finally got to try them tonight and spoke with the owner. I had the shrimp with fresh homemade salsa, fresh gucamole and great fresh shrimp. Hubby had the steak with beans, guacamole and the fresh salsa. Both excellent and they are expanding even more to have paella, more burritos from veggie to full on meatatarian. Also they have gotten their liquor licence and now you can sit and have a corona and a burrito. All products fresh made by the chef no factory food here. YUM cant wait to go back again!!!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Which plaza is it in? (i.e. what other stores in the area?)

    1. I am glad to read this. I went there shortly after it opened. The burrito was very good but the owner/cook was looking very overwhelmed and anxious. It looks like he got over his opening jitters. I want this place to do well. The area need more places like this.

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        It is in the plaza with Tim Hortons/Wendys right by A1 Sweets. I am hoping they are successfull as i agree we need more in the area than fast food.
        Menu expanding & liquor licence!

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          2nd trip, had chicken burritto. Excellent flavor, fresh and very tender. And busier each time we go in, so the word is getting around.

      2. Agree - thanks for posting this. Have seen it when we pop into Timmie's there but always cautious about some of these new places. Great to see some variety showing up here in the north end of town. May even try it out tonight. Speaking of that area - has anyone tried that A1 place behind the Spoon and Fork - beside this place?

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          The Indian place? Yeah, I went there about 2 or 3 years ago and I thought it was tasty. It is a casual spot, they have different size containers (for takeout) and will fill it up from buffet style display/holding containers. For eat in you can get combos. I enjoyed it when I had it but don't know how it is now.

          1. re: Blinkins

            Still excellent.. eat there regularly. Prices have gone up a teeny bit since opening but so worth it. They have one dish they make not a standard one and is a "chilli something" with paneer. Spicy and yummy and the okra always excellent.

          2. I'll have to try it out next time I'm in Oakville. Last time I was at Trafalgar and Dundas it was mostly fields, with the original Longos on the SE corner.

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              Then you're in for a big surprise - a lot of development and more to come as they are now developing north of Dundas. Lots of chain restaurants in the area now with a few individual establishments like Ritorno's, Spoon and Fork and Wendel Clark's (I like their Martini Chicken Dumpling appetizer).

              1. re: Blinkins

                We now need a good indy pizza joint, we have good indian A1, burritos California Burritos, thai Spoon & Fork and italian Ritorno and wings The Wingery all covered. And the Niblick Pub for pints and pies and rugby. Hmmm maybe fantastico pizza should open up another location i know i would be a regular instead of driving downtown for pizza.

                1. re: MiniMom

                  Pizza joint? Your wishes have been answered with 7 Enoteca Pizzeria in downtown Oakville. Opened late 2011 and it awesome. Thin crust only, but they have the authentic wood burning oven imported from Naples.

                  1. re: slimmer1972

                    Yum..i had no idea of this place. Must investigate.

                    1. re: slimmer1972

                      WHAT? I live a stone's throw away from downtown and just walked around there the other night and didn't notice it. Hmm, will have to look into it. Thanks.

                  2. re: Blinkins

                    For the record... Wendel Clark's is a chain.

                    There is a location at Hwys #7 and #400.

                    Wendel Clark's Classic Grill and Sports Lounge
                    Oakville, Oakville, ON , CA

                    1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                      I personally don't view 2 locations as a 'chain' but that's just me (i.e. I don't think of Colossus Greek Taverna as being a chain - and they have two locations). Anyway, I agree MiniMom, a smaller unique pizza place would be nice - my son was just saying he'd love to see a place specializing in thin crust pizza as he fondly remembers such a place in Quebec City. It's be nice to see a little place, that's not too expensive, that you can sit in or take out too.

                      1. re: Blinkins

                        Not trying to be difficult, but IMHO there is a large difference between a Mom and Pop operation opening 2 locations and a corporate chain like Wendel Clark's. I think chains should be identified as such (no issue, as long as you understand that going in) and wanted to correct your assertion that it is an "individual establishment" and NOT a chain.

                        Wendel's definitely has a corporate feel to it. It also appears that franchises are available and I suspect we will see more than 2 locations eventually. To me that is a chain. But that's just me.

                        Regardless, hope you enjoy wherever you go.

                        1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                          My final word on this - I still don't believe two locations a chain makes - regardless of its background - particularily if the location makes you feel it is part of the community as opposed to a cookie-cutter outfit. I'm terribly sorry if my use of the word 'individual' was so upsetting to you - on checking I see that in fact Spoon and Fork has many locations too - so you'll not want to go there too if you are abstaining from chains.

                2. So I got back to this place again for the 2nd time. I remember having an enjoyable meal the first time around but I enjoyed my meal the 2nd time even more.

                  I had the steak burrito and they had some great options/add-ons. For example a sweet potato puree.

                  They have a deal right now where when you buy a burrito/taco you get a free canned drink and some nacho chips. The normal price for a burrito is in the $8 range. Quality ingredients, worth while trying. I think I heard the cook say that 80% of their ingredients are organic.

                  What I wasn't too much a fan of though was the music... They had some latin music playing from the TV and it was a bit loud for my taste (maybe because I wasn't a huge fan of listening to reggaeton music while having my meal). They also had candles burning on the side (like candlebra style candles!) which I thought was kind of weird.

                  The place is really casual, order at the counter, they will bring the food out to you.

                  I will definitely be back soon.

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                  1. re: ylsf

                    I went by this week and it was closed with a "coming soon" sign posted. Didnt catch who the new tenant will be though.
                    They will be missed.

                    1. re: MiniMom

                      darn... thanks for the heads up though!